Music of the Spheres


  From December 1, 1978 until early in 1983, Athena's Web offered a series of shows over WMUA, a college radio station nestled in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, home to the Five College community, farmers, and New England rural folk. This eclectic group listened each week to one of a host of various astrological topics. In addition to discourse from professors, ministers and astronomers, under this aegis was a series known as the 'Music of the Spheres', which focused on the music and lyrics of various artists, and illustrated how they were consistent with their astrological themes.


George Harrison   The first of these radio shows to be offered once again to the public is the one on George Harrison. The show focuses on George's Piscean Sun sign, and hears these themes being reflected in much of his work. Songs include: Here Comes the Sun, Beware of Darkness, All Things Must Pass, Don't Bother Me, My Sweet Lord, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and others.

  The Web wrote an article on George immediately following his death entitled The Silver Beatle (George had the Moon rising in his natal chart). It focused both on his Pisces Sun sign and the difficulty George experienced in being such a sensitive soul in a powerful professional spotlight. Following George's death, the airwaves were filled with Beatles' tunes and reflections once again.
John Lennon   But the beginning of the 'Music of the Spheres' segment really started with the death of John Lennon. While the series was already underway, it was John's death that motivated a much more focused effort on the musical segment, and many other artists were soon to follow. It seemed a grim irony, when, twenty-one years later George Harrison passed over on the day I was scheduled to return to the WMUA studios to digitize some of the old series for the Web after having been away for so long.

  The show on John represents a time capsule, embodying a slice of life whose flavor has long since faded. It was a spiritual call to arms, examining the trends which the world was experiencing as Russian troops massed on the Polish border. It includes various songs and segments, including Give Peace a Chance, All You Need is Love and Love Me Do. The show opens by examining John's Sun sign in Libra, but then goes on to explore his Mercury in Scorpio and his Venus in Virgo. This is a strong statement about a powerful personality shortly after his death. A column on John Lennon appeared the week following George's death and was entitled Imagine.
Stephen Stills   In our show on Stephen Stills, we examined the personality of a Capricorn and the difficulties of doing business. Early on, he was crushed when he wasn't selected to play one of the parts on The Monkees, the American TV response to the Beatles. We watch his life unfold as the balance between career and relationships begin to improve as he aged. Finally, the show offers a solution to what must be done if you are a Capricorn looking for relationship, as only Steven Stills can. Songs include For What It's Worth, Judy Blue Eyes, and Four and Twenty among others.
Jim Morrison   Jim Morrison and the Doors probably represented the culmination of the technical skill of these radio shows. In the Web's only two part series, the first hour focused on his Sun in Sagittarius, with songs like Light My Fire, Break on Through, Hello, I Love You, and Texas Radio and the Big Beat. We explore the straightforward, explosive, shoot-your-arrows-at-the-Sun style that was Jim. This show actually opens with Jim talking about his Sagittarian Sun Sign, and how he feels about it. Riders on the Storm is used as a bridge between the two shows, showing how his Sun Sign combines with the theme of the second show to provide the mystical mix that guided this musical visionary. In the final hour we build on what we learned and explore Jim's Venus in Scorpio, delving into the sexuality of this amazing artist. Songs such as Whiskey Bar, Back Door Man, Spy in the House of Love, and a final medley make it hard to miss the serpentine powers which raged within his soul.
JimiHendrix   In our series sizzler on Jimi Hendrix, we come to feel the heat of heavenly fire. With Jimi's Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ascendant in Sagittarius, it would seem obvious how much energy, enthusiasm, and excitement were contained in this stellar talent; but when we add a Moon Jupiter conjunction as well (Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and therefore contributes even more fire to the mix), we watched as this artist spontaniously combusted on stage, lighting his guitar on fire as part of his act. With five planets plus his Ascendant in mutable signs, his nomadic soul refused to be pinned down, and after the Experience he joined a Band of Gypsies. Songs such as Fire, Burning of the Midnight Lamp, and Up From the Skies highlight our way through his amazing journey down the celestial highway. Later in the show we catch a glimpse of his Mars in Scorpio, as he casts his spell in Voodoo Child. Although originally aired as part of the Athena's Web series in the early eighties, this show was re-worked in the mid-90's and stands out as the best of any of the 'Music of the Spheres' series.
Bob Dylan   Another example which appeared in the weekly column was called The Mercurial World of Bob Dylan. In it we explored his Geminian nature, wherein it quickly becomes obvious to any who has listened to his music (and who hasn't?) the mental, verbal, and intellectual dexterity of this amazing folk artist. We soon hope to be offering the radio show for those who would like to explore the personality of this versatile and insightful artist.