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The Solar Eclipse of 1999

August 11, 1999

    Note to WEBUsers. We will be leaving this page up for the next year (alright, maybe a little more than a year), as we watch events unfold across the eclipse path and around the globe. In the first week after the eclipse, the strongest earthquake to hit Turkey in this century occurred. Turkey's Neptune is 20 Leo 13, approximately one and a half degrees from the eclipse position. Turkey was in the path of the total eclipse. Neptune was known as the Earthshaker to the Greeks. Curiously, Turkey is the only country that we listed which has its Neptune conjunct the eclipse degree at 18 Leo 21.

    Nostradamus is a name whose fame has extended across the centuries, yet it was not until 1947 that his work was first translated into English. Nevertheless, this legendary astrologer and healer looked across four and a half centuries, to July of 1999, to offer us this quatrain:

    "In the year 1999 and seven months,
     From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
     He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols.
     Before and after War reigns happily."

    While anyone might easily observe from these lines is that July has come and gone. But Nostradamus was using a Julian calendar, while we now use a Gregorian calendar. Under the old system of timing, the eclipse of August 11th, 1999 would have fallen on July 29th, 1999, within the context and confines of the quatrain.

     We now know that this particular eclipse is an important one because it is part of a Grand Cross, an alignment of four planets in heaven with the Earth falling in between them all. Because this is a Grand Fixed Cross, it is probable that our foundations are about to shake beneath us. That which we have come to accept as normal and a 'given' will either be interrupted, or even taken, never to return.

     The Grand Fixed Cross consists of the Sun and Moon in Leo  opposing Uranus in Aquarius, and Mars in Scorpio  opposing Saturn in Taurus. The orb (flux factor) is fairly tight, with both Mars and Saturn at the 16th degree of their respective signs, the Sun and Moon at 18 ° of Leo, and Uranus at 14 ° of Aquarius. While this configuration seems to be particularly important to those who study the heavens and astrology, it would not have been what Nostradamus would have seen, for he had no knowledge of the existence of Uranus. Therefore, rather than a Grand Fixed Cross, these remaining three visible planets would have formed a 'T' square, their alignments assuming the shape of this letter of the alphabet. 'T' squares are more common than the Grand Cross, and generally are not thought to be as powerful.

     There are some who would contend that Nostradamus affixed importance to this eclipse simply because it was the last one to occur before the end of the millenium. Indeed, we are not even sure that it was the eclipse that he looked to for this event, but as astrologers comb through the period of time referenced here, it seems to be the one factor that stands out as celestially noteworthy. However, astrology was not the only tool that Nostradamus used to make his predictions. He was also a hydromancer, a technique, largely forgotten today, of using water as a medium to conjure images of the future. In all probability, he used his astrological knowledge, together with his hydromancy, to peer across the centuries into the mists of uncertainity.

     In order to understand the predictive abilities of eclipses, we must look back even further into the past to Ptolemy, the original author of a work on astronomy and astrology, and the one who set the standards which were followed for centuries by the 'scientific' community. Ptolemy probably made his observations at Alexandria between 125 and 140 AD. In his work, the Tetrabiblos (Four Books), he lays down an outline for determining how to interpret eclipses, and using some of this information, we will make some observations on just how this eclipse may affect world events.

From Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, Book II, Chapter V:
Mode of particular Prediction in Eclipses

    "After having gone through the necessary preliminary topics, it is now proper to speak of the manner in which predictions are to be formed and considered; beginning with those which relate to general events, affecting either certain cities, or districts, or entire countries."

     "The strongest and principal cause of all these events exists in the ecliptical conjunctions of the Sun and Moon, and in the several transits made by the planets during these conjunctions."

. . . and from Chapter VI . . .

    "The first of the several branches of consideration just enumerated relates to locality, and is to be exercised in the following manner:-"

     "In all eclipses of the Sun and Moon, and especially in such as are fully visible, the place in the zodiac, where the eclipse happens, is to be noted; and it must be seen what countries are in familiarity with that place... what cities are under the influence of the sign in which the eclipse happens; either by means of the ascendant, and the situations of the luminaries at the time of their foundation, or by means of the mid-heaven of their kings or governors, actually ruling at the time of the eclipse, even though such time may be subsequent to the building of said cities. Whatever countries or cities shall be thus found in familiarity with the ecliptical place, will all be comprehended in the event; which will, however, principally attach to all those parts which may be connected with the identical sign of the eclipse, and in which it was visible while above the earth.

From Chapter VII...

    "The second point requiring attention relates to time, and indicates the date when the event will take place, and the period during which its effect will continue..."

    "The commencement of the effect, and the period of its general intensity, or strength, are to be inferred from the situation of the place of the eclipse with respect to the angles. For, if the ecliptical place be near the eastern horizon (the ascendant), the effect will begin to be manifested in the course of the first four months after the date of the eclipse; and its general height, or intensity, will take place in, or about, the first third part of the whole extent of its duration. If the ecliptical place happen to be in or near the mid-heaven (MC), the effect will begin to appear in the second four months, and its general intensity will occur about the second third part; and, if the place should fall near the western horizon (the descendant), the effect will begin in the third four months, and take its general intensity in the last third part of its whole duration.

     He then goes on to say that these conditions involving the timing of the event, may be modified by planetary transits and stations.

     Given this brief set of guidelines, what would we expect from this eclipse? The total eclipse will begin in the Atlantic off the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada. It first comes ashore in Cornwall, and will be fully visible at 11:11 AM over the legendary land of Arthur. The path of the total eclipse then passes through Europe, Eastern Europe, Romania, Turkey, and across India before finishing its course over water once again. Since the eclipse will actually occur in the 18th degree of the sign Leo, this is the area of chief concern. Countries under the total eclipse path, with natal planets or angles at this same degree, will be most impacted.

     Given recent events, it would seem that Pakistan, Indian, and Czechoslovakia are the strongest contenders. Pakistan has its Venus at 16° of Leo, while its Sun is 21°. India, born just 24 hours after Pakistan, has its Venus at 17° Leo, its Sun at 22°. It would seem that their diplomacy, and their peace, is about to be seriously disrupted. Their personal and national pride will be violated. Accordingly to Ptolemy, this should take place approximately 10 months from now, in June of 2000.

     Czechoslovakia strikes even closer to this theme, as its Uranus is located at 19° Leo, only one degree from the eclipse point. Revolution and rebellion are the keynotes here, but the timing will be somewhat shorter, approximately some four to six months from now, between December,1999 to February, 2000.

     Outside of the eclipse path, central Africa seems to be most affected. Chad was born on August 11th, 1960, with its Sun precisely under the eclipse position. It's IC is also within a degree of the conjunction. Sudan's Moon is also 18° Leo, and Niger's Uranus and Venus are 20 and 21 ° respectively. With this eclipse occurring in Leo, the obvious probability is that there will be a severe drought across this region of Africa beginning in the Spring of 2000.

     Eclipses are times when the normal flow of life is disrupted. Their association has always been that of fear, darkness and destruction. The normal order is losing its power to watch over us in the way that it normally does. The Chinese felt that a huge dragon was consuming the Sun, and would generate noise to help drive the beast away. That this eclipse is part of a larger process which will help to "quicken the new spring" of the Age of Aquarius, there can be little doubt, at least in the opinion of this astrologer. But while the normal flow of life is being impacted, prayer, ceremony, and ritual might be used to focus our own inner light collectively to help offset the power, and magnitude, of some of the forces which are about to be released. This is not to interfere with the midwifery of the New Age, but rather to help facilitate its process, and bring it about in a more humane way.

     Locally, there will a gathering before dawn at the South Amherst common, in Amherst, Massachusetts, where we will be car-pooling until 6:15 to Mt Pollux to join with the forces of creation and honor their wisdom and power. Meditations and prayers are both welcomed, and encouraged, either in this location, or at this time, 11:00 - 11:15 Greenwich, 7 - 7:15 Eastern U.S., and so forth.

Let us join to together and take responsibility for the co-creation which is manifesting about us, now and forevermore.

animation of solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse
Countries Affected by the Solar Eclipse
August 11, 1999-     18 Leo 21

The Long List: Any country having a planet conjuncting the eclipse

Afghanistan Venus- 20 Leo 00 Unknown
Algeria Moon- 17 Leo 09 Fifth House
Argentina Mars- 16 Leo 59 Tenth House*
Bahrain Venus- 16 Leo 35 Fourth House
  Sun- 20 Leo 24 Fourth House
Benin Venus- 19 Leo 32 Fourth House
  Uranus- 20 Leo 35 Fourth House
Bhutan Sun- 14 Leo 53 Fourth House
  Pluto- 16 Leo 09 Fourth House
Brazil Moon- 17 Leo 15 Tenth House
Burma Pluto- 14 Leo 27 R Ninth House
  Saturn- 21 Leo 50 R Ninth House
Burundi Venus- 17 Leo 15 Fifth House
Cameroon Uranus- 20 Leo 32 Eleventh House
Central African Rep. Sun- 20 Leo 12 Third House
  Uranus- 21 Leo 20 Third Hous
Chad Sun- 18 Leo 17 Fourth House
  Uranus- 21 Leo 12 Fourth House
China Pluto- 17 Leo 39 Seventh House
  Mars- 14 Leo 53 Seventh House
China (Taiwan) Pluto- 16 Leo 29 Ninth House
  (Mercury-18 Aqu 41) Third House
Columbia Sun- 14 Leo 17 Tenth House
Congo Uranus- 21 Leo 27 Fourth House
  Sun- 22 Leo 07 Fourth House
Cuba Uranus- 15 Leo 40 R Eleventh House
Cyprus Uranus- 21 Leo 31 Third House
  Sun- 23 Leo 02 Third House
Czechoslovakia Uranus- 19 Leo 24 Ninth House
Denmark Jupiter-17 Leo 12 Eleventh House
Djibouti Saturn- 14 Leo 38 Fifth House
Ecuador Ascendant-18 Leo 27 First House*
Egypt Pluto- 21 Leo 18 Seventh House
Finland Saturn- 14 Leo 27 R Eleventh House
France Uranus- 15 Leo 24 Sixth House
Gabon Uranus- 21 Leo 35 Fourth House
Germany Pluto- 14 Leo 19 Tenth House
Greece Saturn- 14 Leo 46 R Fourth House
Grenada Moon- 20 Leo 42 Tenth House
Guyana Moon- 18 Leo 22 Sixth House
Iceland Mars- 14 Leo 53 Seventh House
India Moon- 12 Leo 14 Third House
  Pluto- 13 Leo 16 Third House
  Saturn- 13 Leo 43 Third House
  Venus- 16 Leo 55 Fourth House
  Sun- 22 Leo 04 Fourth House
Indonesia Pluto- 17 Leo 52 R Eleventh House
Iran Moon- 14 Leo 35 Third House
  (Mars- 17 Aqu 02) Ninth House
Iraq Mercury-14 Leo 49 First House
Ireland Pluto- 14 Leo 10 R First House*
Israel Saturn- 16 Leo 25 Tenth House
Ivory Coast Sun- 14 Leo 3 Third House
  Uranus- 20 Leo 58 Third House
Jamaica Sun- 13 Leo 16 Fourth House
  Mercury-21 Leo 20 Fourth House
Japan Pluto- 19 Leo 06 R Seventh House
Jordan Mars- 15 Leo 34 Sixth House
Kiribati Mercury-13 Leo 18 Fourth House
Korea, North Pluto- 15 Leo 31 Third House
Korea, South Pluto- 14 Leo 49 Fourth House
  Sun- 22 Leo 40 Fourth House
Liberia Mercury-21 Leo 57 R Tenth House*
Libya Pluto- 21 Leo 20 R Eleventh House
Madagascar Uranus- 18 Leo 37 Fifth House
Monaco Jupiter-20 Leo 39 Third House
Mozambique Venus- 18 Leo 00 Fifth House
Nepal Pluto- 18 Leo 26 Ninth House*
Niger Uranus- 20 Leo 43 Fourth House
Oman Mercury-16 Leo 09 Fourth House
Pakistan Pluto- 13 Leo 14 Fourth House
  Saturn- 13 Leo 36 Fourth House
  Venus- 15 Leo 43 Fourth House
  Sun- 21 Leo 08 Fourth House
Philippines Venus- 18 Leo 38 Twelfth House
  Ascendant-21 Leo 21 First House
Romania Moon- 14 Leo 02 Fifth House
  Pluto- 14 Leo 32 R Fifth House
  Saturn- 22 Leo 04 R Fifth House
Rwanda Venus- 16 Leo 05 Fifth House
St Vincent & Grenadines Mars- 17 Leo 46 First House
Saudi Arabia Venus- 14 Leo 51 Eighth House
Senegal Mercury-15 Leo 52 Fourth House
  Uranus- 21 Leo 46 Fourth House
Sierra Leone Uranus- 21 Leo 39 R Eighth House
Singapore Sun- 15 Leo 55 Fourth House*
Somalia Uranus- 18 Leo 49 Fifth House
Sri Lanka Pluto- 13 Leo 46 R Tenth House
  Saturn- 19 Leo 41 R Tenth House
Sudan Moon- 18 Leo 4 Eleventh House
Surinam Moon- 17 Leo 30 Twelfth House*
Swaziland Mars- 19 Leo 56 Third House
Thailand Jupiter-20 Leo 16 Fifth House*
Togo Uranus- 16 Leo 56 Seventh House
Transkei Saturn- 15 Leo 53 First House
Tunisia Mars- 21 Leo 28 Eighth House
Turkey Neptune-20 Leo 13 Third House
Upper Volta Uranus- 20 Leo 50 Fourth House
Venezuela Saturn- 18 Leo 05 R Sixth House
Zaire Uranus- 18 Leo 46 Fifth House
Zambia Mars- 22 Leo 49 First House

Short List: Any country with a planet within one deg.of the eclipse

Chad Sun- 18 Leo 17 Fourth House
  Uranus- 21 Leo 12 Fourth House
China Pluto- 17 Leo 39 Seventh House
  Mars- 14 Leo 53 Seventh House
Guyana Moon- 18 Leo 22 Sixth House
Indonesia Pluto- 17 Leo 52 R Eleventh House
Japan Pluto- 19 Leo 06 R Seventh House
Madagascar Uranus- 18 Leo 37 Fifth House
Mozambique Venus- 18 Leo 00 Fifth House
Nepal Pluto- 18 Leo 26 Ninth House*
Philippines Venus- 18 Leo 38 Twelfth House
  Ascendant-21 Leo 21 First House
St Vincent & Grenadines Mars- 17 Leo 46 First House
Somalia Uranus- 18 Leo 49 Fifth House
Sudan Moon- 18 Leo 4 Eleventh House
Surinam Moon- 17 Leo 30 Twelfth House*
Venezuela Saturn- 18 Leo 05 R Sixth House
Zaire Uranus- 18 Leo 46 Fifth House

* Birth time unknown

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