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  Week of January 14th  1983

Steven Stills, Capricorn

A letter from Charlotte Williams

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   Dear Don Cerow,

   I had to write to thank you for tonight's Athena's Web program on Stephen Stills/Capricorn. Being a multiple Capricorn myself, I listened in an entirely new way to music I'd always loved but never related to so intimately!

   Do you do charts and readings for individuals? I have a Capricorn friend for whom I'd like to give just such a birthday gift. I had intended to send away for a computer-astrology place to do the chart but I can't find the address, so that alone would be helpful. If you don't read for people, I know someone in Boston who could. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

   Again, thank you for a timely program.

Charlotte Williams
113 Lincoln Apts. Amherst


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