Roman Myths

The Myths




Fire from the Vestal Altar

January 14, 2000   Celestial Confirmation
Sacred Chickens

Farnese Globe

January 21, 2000   Give me that old time religion
State Religion

August 4, 2000   Secrets of the Stars
Ursa Major

October 6, 2000   Flight of the Phoenix

October 13, 2000   The Stars at Dawn
The Farnese Atlas

December 15, 2000   Saturn and the Winter Solstice

December 29, 2000   Keeper of the Gates

January 5, 2001   Astrology in the Ancient World
The Stars in Paganism

Gate Keeper


Ovid's Fasti

January 11, 2002   Guardian of the Threshold
Janus at the Door
Introduction to the New Year and January

January 18, 2002   The New Year
Ovid and Janus talk
Introduction to the New Year and January
Caesar Augustus

January 25, 2002   The Stiff Guardian
Priapus in Myth
January 9th

February 1, 2002   Hail Evander
One of the legendary founders of Rome
January 11th

February 22, 2002   Full Family Fame
The Full Moon in Cancer
January 13th

March 1, 2002   Sacred Vestments
The Coin of Heaven
January 9th (again)

March 8, 2002   Royal Mane
Leo's Regal Light
January 15th and 16th

March 15, 2002   No Scurfy Mildew
Planting by the Moon
January 24th

March 22, 2002   Book II
Introduction to February

March 29, 2002   The Queen of Heaven
February 1st
Caesar Augustus

April 5, 2002   Pied Piper of Peace
Arion and Pisces
February 1st-Julian, January 30th-Republic

April 12, 2002   First, Best and Greatest
Romulus and Augustus
Nones (5th) of February- Julian, February 3rd- Republic

April 19, 2002   Diana and Callisto
Women and the Moon in Cancer
February 11th-Julian, February 9th-Republic

April 26, 2002   Leo Full Moon
Fit to be a Leader
February 13th-Julian, February 11th-Republic

May 3, 2002   The Raven, Snake and Bowl
The Moon as guiding light
February 14th-Julian, February 12th-Republic

May 10, 2002   Superhero Servant
Hercules in drag
February 15th-Julian, February 13th-Republic

May 17, 2002   Running around naked
Strength in purity, Romulus and Remus
February 15th-Julian, February 13th-Republic

May 24, 2002   Taking a step back
Pan and the Lupercalia
February 15th-Julian, February 13th-Republic

May 31, 2002   The Art of War
February 17th-Julian, February 15th-Republic

June 7, 2002   All Souls' Day
Hades and the Shades of the Underworld
February 18th to 21st-Julian, February 16th to 19th-Republic

June 14, 2002   One Big Happy Family
February 22nd-Julian, February 20th-Republic

June 21, 2002   Lord Saturn
February 23rd-Julian, February 21st-Republic

June 28, 2002   Saturn rules Capricorn
Regifugium and Saturnalia
February 24th-Julian, February 22nd-Republic