Native American Myths

The Myths


Water Serpent Ceremony

Hopi Myths

August 27, 1999  What We Stand For
Presidential Policy

September 3, 1999  Cowboy Consciousness
Congressional legislation and the Dineh (Navajo)

September 10, 1999  Peabody Western
Strip mining of Dineh land

September 17, 1999  The Weave of the Web
Hopi predicitions involving the End of Time

September 24, 1999  Hopi Roots
The Hopi represent the oldest living culture in North America

October 1, 1999  Hopi Serpents
The great snake would turn over, and the sea would rush in

October 8, 1999  Present Hopi Prophecys
The Hopi believe that we now stand at the end of the fourth cycle

October 15, 1999  Future Hopi Prophecys
The devastating reversal predicted in the prophecies is part of the natural order



Other Native American Stars

February 25, 2005  On the Road Again
Poverty Point, LA; once believed to be one of the oldest Native American archaeoastronomy sites

April 1, 2005  Cherokee Dragon

April 8, 2005  Native American Observatories
Southeastern Mound Cultures

June 3, 2005  The Stars of Ohio
Native American Sites

June 17, 2005  On Top of the World
Big Horn Medicine Wheel

June 1, 2007  Native American Summer
Native American New Year's Ceremony