Greek Myths

The Myths










An Overview of Myths

November 17, 2000   The Mythology of Astrology
Dreams, Mythology and Astrology


November 24, 2000   The Mythology of Astrology II
The Rape of Europa and the Minotaur

November 29, 2002   Mythology and Astrology
Branches of the Same Tree

December 6, 2002   The Evolution of Mythology
The Dragon around the world

January 10, 2003   Creation Myths
Returning to some of our oldest myths


July 30, 2004  Yesterday and Today
An Index to the chapters of Homer's Iliad

October 24, 2003  Weaving the Web
The astrological overview of Homer's Iliad

July 23, 2004  Anger be now your song...
The Aries chapter of Homer

Hoplite Vase

May 23, 2003  With Noise Like Thunder
The Taurus chapter of Homer

June 13, 2003  The Words of the Gods
The Gemini chapter of Homer

July 4, 2003  Homer's Moon
The Cancer chapter of Homer

July 25, 2003  Think of a Lion
The Leo chapter of Homer

August 15, 2003  Hektor and the Maid
The Virgo chapter of Homer

October 10, 2003  Classic Libra
The Libra chapter of Homer

November 21, 2003  The Gates of Hell
The Scorpio chapter of Homer

December 12, 2003  The Spirit of Fire
The Sagittarius chapter of Homer

February 13, 2004  Hard Times
The Capricorn chapter of Homer

Agamemnon and Odysseus

March 5, 2004  Lions at Bay
The Aquarius chapter of Homer

March 26, 2004  Homer's Dreams
The Pisces chapter of Homer

April 30, 2004  Red is the Thread
The second Aries chapter of Homer

May 7, 2004  The Game of Love
The second Taurus chapter of Homer

May 14, 2004  "Quick as a thought in a man's mind."
The second Gemini chapter of Homer

May 21, 2004  Water, water everywhere...
The second Cancer chapter of Homer


May 28, 2004  Straight to the Heart
The second Leo chapter of Homer

June 4, 2004  "To work!"
The second Virgo chapter of Homer

June 11, 2004  War and Peace
The second Libra chapter of Homer

June 18, 2004  Fury and Fear
Death and Destruction
The second Scorpio chapter of Homer

June 25, 2004  The House of Zeus
The second Sagittarius chapter of Homer

July 2, 2004  No Respect
The second Capricorn chapter of Homer

July 9, 2004  Be Cool
The second Aquarian chapter of Homer

July 16, 2004  A Mist of Slumber
The second Piscean chapter of Homer

Wisdom from Ancient Fires

October 29, 1999   Time, time, time...
The Sphinx

November 5, 1999   Pagan Paths

December 31, 1999   The New Millennium
Neptune and Chiron stirring the deep

January 7, 2000   Divine Flight
Bird Augury

January 14, 2000   Celestial Confirmation
Sacred Chickens

April 7, 2000   Star Light, Star Bright

July 21, 2000   Rhythms of Nature

Athenian coin

Aug 11, 2000   Deep Cuts

Sep 22, 2000   Prometheus Bound
Zeus and the Titan

Sep 29, 2000   One for All, and All for One
Zeus and Thetis

Oct 20, 2000   Legends of the Moon
Artemis and Orion

Dec 8, 2000   Here Comes the Sun King
Phoebus Apollo

Jan 12, 2001   The Immortality of the Soul
Hermes and Hades

Feb 23, 2001   Romance of the Road
Zeus and Hermes

Oct 26, 2001   Pluto's Venom
Hades and Persephone

Feb 8, 2002   The Birth of Hermes
The Myth about the God

Feb 15, 2002   Curious about Hermes
The Mischevious Young God

Oct 18, 2002   Earthshaker
Poseidon and Neptune

Feb 7, 2003   Focus on Chiron
The Great Teacher and Healer

Aug 27, 2004  The Olympics
The Greek Calendar

Mar 11, 2005  The Magic of Myth
The Myth of Orion

Feb 8, 2008  Queen of Heaven
Greek Myth

Feb 15, 2008  The Glory of Hera
Greek Myth

Jan 7, 2011  Enlarging Its Horizon
Greek Myth

Mar 18, 2011  History Lesson
Greek Myth

May 27, 2011  Say Hello to Big O
Greek Myth

May 27, 2011  Say Hello to Big O
Greek Myth