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Weather Patterns

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Texas Twister

        It's clear world wide weather patterns are changing. Storms carry more personality as Wind, Water, Fire and Earth huddle together, planning their next move. It would seem Mother Earth is coming to life.

        The September issue of National Geographic cover article is "What's up with the weather? They've picked up on the pulse. One Age is butting up against another.

        The shift from one Age to the next brings with it a transmutation into a new generation; politically, spiritually, educationally, medically and economically. It impacts both theology and diet.


Baked Earth

        Looking back to crossroads where other Ages have merged one can see examples of the transition as it occurred. The agricultural river-valley empires of the Earth sign Taurus fed the known world, but when rainfall patterns shrank to modern levels, the rivers alone were not sufficient to generate neither the volume nor to feed multitudes as they once had.

        When Aries wound down the Roman Senate went up in flames as one general after another flexed their armies' military muscle, vying for supremacy.

        And so now we approach the gates of 2012 and people want to know what will happen as Pisces comes to an end.

        Look around.

        It's happening.

        On May 1st, 2010, the Cumberland River spilled it's banks in downtown Nashville. It was a new gauge of storm for that city, one that blew out the US Army Corps of Engineers' mathematical models.



        "We've never seen anything like this," the duty officer said.

        The flood produced some two billion dollars worth of damage. It's been called a "once-in-a-millennium occurrence".

        Don't believe it.

        Throughout the weekend storm, parts of Nashville received 13 inches of rain. In Rio de Janeiro 11 inches fell in 24 hours, causing mud slides that buried hundreds.

        Most scientists agree that the main issue is that the planet is warming, and of those many feel it is being caused by greenhouse gases. This 'closed system' warms the Earth, warms the sea, warms the air like a great blanket.

        But there is another school of thought. The intuitive community suggests that, yes, the Earth, water and sky are indeed getting warmer, but it's coming from within rather than without. It is, rather, that the molten core of the Earth is becoming more active, causing 40% of the polar ice to have melted since the 1980's, etc.



        We now stand at a crossroads of civilization. The current acceleration of the weather patterns is but part of the puzzle. There have been severe droughts in Texas, Australia, Russia and East Africa. Record heat waves have now hit both Europe and North America. In 2011, losses due to weather disasters increased by 25% over the previous year. There were fourteen events that cost over a billion dollars each in 2011. The previous record holder was nine in 2008. The spring of this same year was one of the worst for tornadoes in US history.

        The list goes on.

        Yes, these alignments have happened before. We can look back and learn from how this has been dealt with previously.

        Yes, there is much that is getting ready to be left by the wayside. Seize on one of the old ways of doing things and you will watch as it crumbles. Seize on one of the new, incoming vibrations, and you will watch as it accelerates and takes off, becoming the new foundation stone of our civilization in the future. It will be a time youthful and vibrant, interested in being both cooperative and helpful, and willing to teach the children to learn to live with each other, picking peace over war.

        It's that easy.


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