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  Week of Aug 31st - Sep 6th,  2012

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        While in the office working on the property this year, I ran through some old files and came across one from the 5th of June, 1985. It reflected a different time, and a different style of writing. The administration had earned a second term of four more years in office. The conservative element had taken a significant leap forward in their winning over of public opinion.

        In my own life, it was when I worked as an audio engineer for Pubic Radio. Composed for the Advocate Newspapers, this was a tongue in cheek slice of life from history and it made me smile.

        I hope it does you, too.

        Deus Ex Machina

        I'm continually overawed by the heavens above. The synchronization of style and function highlighted by the subtle interplay of light, its mechanism used by both navigators at sea and souls of the night. Either way it charts out a path to follow when more familiar terrestrial signs are lacking. If you'd like to create one of your own star-studded panoramas, follow this easy recipe carefully.

        Take a large bowl and add to it a spectrum of selected gases, some star stuff and just a dash of infinity (careful now, it's concentrated). You can make your own from scratch or order Dandy Don's pre-mixed variety. Throw in a brief static charge and stir vigorously for several million millennia.

        Add celestial seasonings to taste.


The Spirit of the Mechanism

        When you've finished with your creation you'll have something that's not only a pleasure to behold, but accurate as well. It's a huge Swiss watch except it never loses time and you don't have to wind it. It's carefully calibrated digitally timed tape deck ceaselessly rolling across the arch of heaven recording evolution's progress on Akashic records and tapes.

        They're a Japanese firm.

        Like any hi-tech equipment it takes a little know-how to maintain and run. Do you know what it costs to replace one these babies these days? Deus ex Machinas (Latin for Tinker Toy) are generally pretty hard to come by.

        Of course, like any machinery it has its drawbacks. I had to change reels last time. Hitting the rewind button by mistake we were thrown 30 years before I could stop it.

        Nobody noticed though because of all the hoop-la. You remember the day Ronnie was inaugurated. . .


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