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  Week of Aug 3rd - Aug 9th,  2012

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Sunrise of a new day

        People are funny. They fixate on a single perspective, for instance the Winter Solstice of 2012, and they run with it. It's all they know, and in many cases it's all they care to know. When they find out that the Sun still comes up on the day after the Solstice they call all of the people who looked at that date as being not entirely wrapped too tight.

        They can't see the forest for the trees.

        While the top headliners were the Olympics and the political elections, this past week 10% of the world's population had to contend with an extended loss of power in Northern India, legislative entanglements threatened to undermine the United States Post Office, and shark attacks are in the news in New England.

        The change over into the New Age has already happened, is happening, and will continue to happen for the foreseeable future. Each of these stories is related to the transition time.

power outage

Untangling the mess

        Here's the skinny.

        We are in the process of moving from running the planet under one set of planetary vibrations to another. This changeover has, and will continue to impact us in the following ways.

        Storms of greater intensity and power will abound around the planet. There are different reasons to explain the changes in the weather, but let's just say meteorological normalcy is over for a while. Last year's weather may not be the pattern for this year's weather. Many of the more powerful storms should emerge in the southern hemisphere, but not all.

        Because of these storms and other weather related phenomena, there will be extended periods and areas of electrical blackouts, straining the resources of the power companies. While this is not the case in India (it appears their infrastructure could not handle the summer demands), the final result, a major power outage, is the same.


Sign of the Times

        With government, politics and the economy there is gridlock. The United States Post Office is but one example. As we move into the Age of Communication (Aquarius is an AIR sign), new ways of communicating with each other are becoming more available. The old way of sending mail, through the Post Office, is no longer the only game in town.

        "WASHINGTON -

        The Postal Service on the verge of its first default on Wednesday, faces a cash shortage of $100 million this October stemming from declining mail volume that could ballon to $1.2 billion next year, newly available documents show."

        As gridlock continues, other governmental agencies will begin to be impacted.

        Returning to our weather pattern theme of changing climate conditions due to global warming, the seals in the Atlantic are following their food source along new currents along the coastline. Where the seals go, the sharks follow. For the first time since 1936, shark attacks are back in the news in Massachusetts.

        All of these incidents came out of a single edition of the New York Times, August 1st, 2012.

        For all of those tuned into the changes that are now underway, this is not news.

        It is a part of what we can come to expect.

        We must take off the old set of clothing before we don the new.


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