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Morning Twilight

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Morning Twilight

Stars of the night,
light before light.
Crossroad where
spirit & sprite scramble for cover.

mingled with memories,
bob to the top,
old friends having their say.

The Sun breaks,
the dream wakes
and we are

        While we precess from Pisces to Aquarius, we waken from a dream. As a people, we begin to know ourselves. This information age is guided by an Aquarian star, starlight, science and technology, 'No-how,' the World Wide Web, your digital toaster.


Trumpets of Change

        We have observed the changes taking place in the meteorological, political, educational, economic and commercial worlds currently. Let's take a closer look at the last time this happened as the Age of Aries subsided into the Age of Pisces. A vibrant, new, youthful religion appeared to fill the gap left behind by the collapsing paganism. Scrutiny illuminates the changes from Ram to Fish, Fire to Water, worldly conqueror to spiritual surrender.

        Do we superimpose our own beliefs back onto this time, forcing a mental construct upon a clueless populace? The answer is quite clear.

        ". . . there was the general belief that the old world was coming to an end and that a new age was about to begin."

        Black Athena, V. 1, Bernal, p. 124.

        There were various perspectives on just what this New World Order meant. To the Romans, it was the eventual triumph over the warring factions of the Republic in the guise of Augustus Caesar, founder and father of the new Roman Empire. For the Jews it meant the finding of a new ally in the face of their common enemy, the Greeks of the Alexandrian conquests in the eastern Mediterranean.

        "I should reiterate, however, that the Messianism between 50 BC and 150 AD, and the idea that a new age was dawning, were not restricted to Jews, nor can they be completely explained in terms of the Roman political changes mentioned above. Another element was the astrological change from the age of Pisces to that of Pisces. Without getting into the argument over when and by whom the precession of the equinoxes was discovered, there is no disagreement that it was widely known by 50 BC. The significance in this context is that over the period between 50 BC and 150 AD the spring equinox shifted from Aries to Pisces. . .


Fish of the Sea and Sky

        "Hence, Virgil's Fourth Eclogue, written in 40 BC states. . .

        "Now . . . the great line of centuries begins anew." p. 126.

        But as Aries began to fade, this notion of the Fish begins to appear. Again from Bernal,

        "This belief explains the use of the symbol of the fish to represent Christ and the Christians. . ."

        "All in all, there is very little doubt that despite the equally strong ram-lamb Arien symbolism surrounding Jesus, the use of fish - or, more specifically, two fishes, as in the sign of the zodiac - shows that the early Christians saw themselves, and were seen by others, as followers of the new religion of the new Piscean age."

        The sense of a New World Order was present then as it is present now. People of that time sensed the shift, and found plenty of contemporary material to use with which to fit the pattern.

        We can do the same.


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