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  Week of July 6th - July 12th,  2012

Uranus square Pluto in action, Part 1

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Power Outage

        Probably the over-riding aspect that has caught the attention of astrologers this year has been the square between Uranus and Pluto, two of the three outermost traditional planets in our solar system. While this alignment was exact for the first time on June 24th, it's influence does not begin and end there. What follows next is a classic text-book study of how the planets can triggers events.


derecho weather map

        On Friday, June 29th, five days after the exact square, the Sun came through and ignited this alignment, 'setting it off' in a dramatic and powerful manner. Those that study the stars know that the outer planets are more forceful in their long-term nature. Because they move so slowly, they don't make these classical alignments very often, but when they do, they do so for an extended period of time, generally making a series of aspects of either three or five alignments before they move on for another extended period of inactivity and another series. Uranus, being the faster planet of the two planets, caught up to slower moving Pluto in the late 60's. Astrologers believe that this accounted for much of the social, political and scientific reactions of the time. Socially, it was the shift in our focus on civil rights, ranging from the peaceful protests led by Dr. Martin Luther King to the urban riots of the big cities.


June 29th, 2012 aspectarian

        On the scientific front, the nation was involved in a race to the Moon, as NASA's efforts focused our attention on extra terrestrial travel and its potential. Politically, the war was perhaps the most divisive issue building into the Democratic National Convention in Chicago of 1968. Kent State marked a new national low, as National Guard troops fired on unarmed students, killing four. This series marked the peak of the Vietnam War, with approximately 60,000 US forces, 266,000 North Vietnamese combatants and approximately 843,000 civilians in both North and South Vietnam being killed from start to finish.

        Last Friday, an unforeseen storm known as a derecho crossed a 600 mile path ranging from Indiana to Virginia and Maryland. In typical Uranian fashion, it came with little warning and was a unwelcome surprise. The damage was most severe in Washington, Maryland and northern Virginia. More than three million customers lost power. With temperatures soaring to over 100 degrees, there was no air conditioning for an extended period of time and many, especially children and the elderly, were put at risk.

        A simple interpretation of these two archetypes could be death (Pluto) of electrical power (Uranus). The extremes elicited by Pluto would contribute to the alignment's intensity. With the Sun acting as the trigger, the triple-digit heat was one of the most powerful lingering aspects of the storm. Gov. Bob McDonnell said Virginia had suffered the largest "non-hurricane power outage" in its history. President Obama telephoned the governors of Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia, all of whom have declared states of emergency.

        The storm moved from the Ohio Valley east to the mid-Atlantic states at 60 miles an hour, producing winds in some places of up to 90 miles an hour, said Mr. Porter, a meteorologist. The hottest weather in the mid-Atlantic is expected around the Washington area where temperatures on Friday reached 104.

        Our series of celestial changes has officially begun.


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