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  Week of June 8th - June 14th,  2012

In the Beginning

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David 'Lightning Bolt' Bowie

        Aquarius is the archetype of the unexpected. It's vibration is growing stronger every day and is becoming increasingly easy to perceive. As the vibration of the future, there's a seed of Aquarius in everyone. Scientists now teach us that our fundamental building blocks originated as star*dust.

        Say hello to the heralds of the new religion.

        In some folks this Aquarian reflection is strong, particularly if they have the Sun, Moon or Aquarius rising for instance, while in others it is less pronounced. Either way we all have the vibration within us. It's footprint is becoming easier to identify.

        In elemental terms, we are leaving behind a WATER constellation and moving into AIR, shifting our frame of reference from emotion to intellect. The original 'Fishers of Men' brought the Age of Pisces to a western birth, and this has represented the social mortar of the last two millennia. The vibration now winding down has been perhaps best reflected through the world populace. There are instances, it is true, where a few individuals really 'get' the vibration and manifest their abilities for the benefit of those around them, but these have been the exception, not the rule. The Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Frances of Assisi, Mother Teresa; occasionally exceptional figures do step forth and make a difference, but for most of the masses it has been serfs, slaves, and vassals, foot soldiers and fools.

        But all of that is changing.


"Ch-ch-ch- Changes

        As we move into the Age of Aquarius AIR vibe, people are becoming more focused on the intellect, communication and social media. As a nation, The US has its Moon in Aquarius. The people of this land have a full spectrum personality that embraces independence, originality, personal differences, science and technology. We were born of a revolution. We have focused on education and libraries for the populace as national policy. The experiment in democracy and the focus on public education were new concepts in the 18th century. These are all incoming Aquarian themes and will continue to flow like a steady stream over the next two millennia for everyone.

        As we transition into this new AIR vibration, we can anticipate that these elemental archetypes will grow stronger, with wind born storms increasingly in the news. Each new Age seems to launch with an energy and enthusiasm that is typical of any new Spring, together with their seasonal storms. As the world community increasingly sets their sails to catch this incoming collective breeze, we find ourselves reaching out to embrace new technologies, new ways of thinking and a new respect for each other. These are a few external manifestations of AIR, but we have AIR within us as well, perhaps most obviously manifested through our speech.

        Speech frames consciousness, and consciousness focuses the future. As this new Age gives birth, we are being given vehicles of communication like never before. In blogs, message boards, Facebook and video conferences, email and Twitter we have the opportunity to speak with each other about everything, creating new ways of being, of experimenting with systems that have never been tried before.

        Communication is a major part of the key.

        During the last AIR Age, the power of the intellect was in part thought to be contained in knowing the secret 'name' of a god or goddess. For instance, Osirus was tricked into giving Isis his secret name. This knowledge provided a spiritual hold over the entity in question, and they were bound by this word to do whatever was asked of them, so long as it was in their power. Gemini focuses on individual speech and communication, while Aquarius deals more with the collective consciousness, of the people's speech rather than simply an individual's debating skills.


Learning to walk

        One manner we are seeing the energy being birthed is in the way political pundits have now seized on electronic communications as a way to get the word out, of marshalling one's forces to support this or that polictal candidate or party. Our boxes are filled on a daily basis with these new waves of requests for your vote, your time or your money.

        This is incoming Aquarius.

        But know that the current political system does not and will not have the answers, as they are the ones who created this mess in the first place. Those who try to shore up the old ways will repeatedly fall short. The old system was right for it's time.

        This is not its time.

        This is the outgoing Pisces.

        Like a child first learning to walk, we are learning to talk to each other. Wind over water? Answers are coming in, doubt is on its way out. These are all a part of the shifting tides of time. Part of the Piscean sensibility has been that the public has been played the dupe, but there's no need for it anymore. We are slowly waking up as a people, nurtured by education (the internet is a great educational tool), learning the ropes of how the world works, and of how it could work.

        In the short term most people will attempt to go with what they know. Familiarity can be comforting, but this is a time of transitition, of changing 'seasons'. After folks finish exhausting themselves trying to put the old train back on the tracks, they will begin to become more responsive, more willing, to try something new.

        Over the next three years (transiting Uranus squaring Pluto) we will watch a political storm as the forces of past and future tug at the same rope, each pulling in a different direction.

        It's time for some new ideas about how to live life.

        It's time for a change.

        In the beginning was the word...


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