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  Week of May 25th - May 31st,  2012

End of the End Times

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Learning to go within

        Over the past nine weeks, we've been looking at various end time traditions and of some of the similar underlying images they carry. Christian, Etruscan, Hebrew, Hindu, Hopi, Norse, and Zoroastrian cultures were among those investigated, and we found a surprising amount of material interweaving the disciplines of time and space.

        Two threads in this series were fairly evident: that of the dead coming back to life, and there being a great battle at the end of time. Zoroastrian, Hindu, Norse and Christian myths make this part of a central theme. Fire is another bright thread running through most of these same traditions.

        Still another thread common to them is that they were penned during the Age of Aries, a FIRE sign time during which a more militaristic disposition was superimposed on all life. Any confrontation was generally seen as a literal or metaphorical battlefield.

        Both myth and astrology are two disciplines that use 'prediction' extensively. It is their 'job' to look into the future, but there is another discipline that is said to be able to do this, and that is the intuitive. In the Classical World they were sanctioned, as with the priestess oracles at Delphi, while in Mediaeval times they were condemned by the Church.

        What's the buzz on the intuitive grapevine about our future?


        Peg Robbins channels 'The-ones', a collective group of spirits who speak with one voice through Peg, or as they like to call her, 'This Peggy'. The-ones acknowledge the coming of the New Age, and a change in the vibration in the folks of the future. They claim that much of the transition is already underway. They do foresee a period where there is a fair amount of turmoil and panic, but it mostly has to do with people trying to put a train back on the tracts that simply isn't going to run anymore. Those who focus on what we can do for the future will fare much better.

        For the period of time during which people are running around, mostly in the urban arenas, wait, observe and be patient. Tend your garden, turn to the Earth, and monitor events. It will not be until the nervous system energy buzz gives way (meaning waiting until folk have plumb tuckered themselves out) that they will be able to hear of new directions, a new way of socially interacting. People will not be ready to really focus on the new answers until they have finished convincing themselves that the old ways just aren't working anymore.

        Nor will they.

        As The-ones see it, there will be no usefulness in running to the city. Let things run their course. Let the battery wind down.

        Unlike the heroic myths born of Aries, spirit suggests that the Age of Aquarius is what we will make it. There will not so much be a World Government, as a World without Government, a concept foreign to our accepted manner of upbringing and thinking.

        Going back to the old leaders is going back to the old problems. These were the people that put these patterns here in the first place.


Watching and waiting
in the wings

        There's a new set of leaders waiting in the wings, but the time is not yet.

        The image that kept appearing (for those living in the US), was of someone leaning on a long rake, in the process of tending their garden, and just watching and waiting. The advice came through a number of times; Do not run to the city and endeavor to fix the problems there.

        To embrace this image is to become a role model and a teacher. Do not follow the panic, but stand and till your ground. For now. This is why being silent and simply observing is so important.

        It is clear that the prophetic grapevine is full of chatter about the changes that are around the corner. Over the next three to four years, we will see the old on a collision course with the new, and there will be changes.

        Since we are the ones who will create the future, how do we want the question, 'What will the New Age bring' to be framed? Do we want this question posed in the militaristic terms of the past (as Aries and many of the outdated cultural perspectives would have it), or do we want it to be born of a new vibration, a collective communication that benefits all, and not the few?

        "The mind's true liberation, Aquarius."

        Audio reading with Peg and Don.

        Peg and The-ones new site!


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