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The Land of Hope

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Do you know the way
to Old Oraibi?

        To our knowledge, the Hopi community constitutes the oldest continually inhabited settlement on the North American continent. Old Orabi, their capital, is said to date back to about the middle of the 12th century. Yet the Hopi remember even earlier folk who once lived there, the 'Hisatsinom' or 'ancient people.'

        Like other cultures, the Hopi traditionalists believe their prophecies come from the Creator. To them, He was called 'Maasaw' or 'Great Spirit'. Nine hundred years ago Maasaw came to the Hopi to teach them the way. Their power was in the Earth, and whether through caves or kiva, the Hopi connected with what they considered to be the Earth's womb.

        In the Fall of 1999, the WEB started a five week series focused on the Hopi, their world view, and their prophecies about the End Times. According to their oral tradition, at the beginning of the current cycle long ago, Great Spirit came down and gathered the people together to talk to them. He told them that he was going to send them to the four corners of the Earth, and over the course of this cycle he would change them into different colors. Each would be given Original Teachings. When they came together again, they were to share these teachings with each other, so that they could all live in peace. When this happens, a great civilization would come to flourish. Then, he gave each of the groups of people two tablets.


An old snapshot

        To the East he sent the Indians. He made them Red. He gave them the guardianship over the Earth, and they were to learn from the Mother what plants to eat, and which to use as medicines. To the South he sent the Yellow People, and he gave them Guardianship over the Wind. They were to learn about the sky, breathing, and to develop spiritual advancement in this way. In the West He gave the Black Race Guardianship over Water, the most humble, and yet the most powerful of the four elements. Finally, into the North, he sent the White Race, and gave them Guardianship over Fire. At the core of many of the white man's inventions, you still find this spark of fire. When these four groups come back together and sit, sharing the collected wisdom of their peoples, so then the New World Age will dawn.

        Rather than having a great battle at the end of time, the Hopi call it a period of purification. With this will come a time of natural destruction, which will take place in the form of storms of great severity, with earthquakes and floods-

        . . . if Hopi land is taken.

        The Hopi believe we stand at the end of the Fourth Cycle (the Dineh think the Fifth), a period of time during which the world will come to a close. It was said the Hopi's land would be the last target, the final test of survival for indigenous peoples. Mother villages are endowed with mystical powers of self-protection. According to tradition, those who disturb their roots without respect will suffer great misfortunes, misfortunes which could extend to the whole of humanity. If these are the people of the Earth, then the Earth in turn will find ways to honor and assist them.

        A few of the predictions attributed to Maasaw were: There will be roads in the sky and moving houses of iron. Men will be able to speak into cobwebs through space, women will wear men's clothing. Children will not honor their parents. Teachings change, destroying the Hopi balance of life and their role in helping to maintain the planet. They said the time will come when material laws are placed above Maasaw's laws.


An early drawing

        "The Hopi play a key role in the survival of the human race through their vital communion with the unseen forces that hold nature in balance, as an example of a practical alternative to the suicidal man-made system, and as a fulcrum of world events. The pattern is simple. 'The whole world will shake and turn red and turn against those who are hindering the Hopi...'"

        " still may lessen the violence by correcting his treatment of nature and fellow man... The man made system now destroying the Hopi is deeply involved in similar violations throughout the world. The devastating reversal predicted in the prophecies is part of the natural order. If those who thrive from that system, its money and its laws, can manage to stop destroying the Hopi then many may be able to survive the Day of Purification and enter a new age of peace. But if no one is left to continue the Hopi way, then the hope for such an age is in vain."

        "To encourage, rather than threaten life. To benefit everyone rather than giving advantage to a few at the expense of others. Concern for all living things will far surpass personal concerns bringing greater happiness than could formerly be realized. Then all things shall enjoy lasting harmony."

        "Since mankind has lost peace with one another through the conflict because of the new ways, the Great Spirit, the Great Creator has punished the people in many ways. Through all of this there was always a small group who survived to keep the original ways of life alive. This small group are those who adhere to the laws of the Creator, who keep the spiritual path open, out from the circle of evil. According to our knowledge we are not quite out of the circle."

        "At time's end, a new age will appear."

        'The Hopi Survival Kit', by Thomas Mails.


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