March 17, 2012

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Voice of the People

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The 'Kingfish' in action

        We've been examining the US Moon in the natal chart, a Moon in Aquarius. The Moon is said to rule the people of the land, but I would offer that this is what has been come to be known as the middle class. The very rich and powerful can be represented by Jupiter, the immigrant, slave and working class are represented by our Neptune in Virgo. But as a generalization, our Moon in Aquarius represents the majority of the people of this land, of citizens neither too high or too low on the social scale.

        With the Moon in the 3rd house of the natal chart, we tap into familiar themes. Land of the Free, Freedom of Speech, "We the people" of the Constitution, a written contract encapsulating the intentions of the founding fathers, the role of women in the country as independent, enfranchised individuals, whose early entry into the workplace was as school teachers and switchboard operators (3rd house). But the Moon in Aquarius can also represent a populist leader, one who represents the Voice of the People, of one who truly seeks to form a more perfect union, to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility (Moon) for the common good.


Working the system

        Huey P. Long was just such a leader. Nicknamed 'the Kingfish', he served as governor of Louisiana from '28 to '32, and as a US senator from '32 to '35. It's been said he was known for his 'radical' populist policies, but these included spending the state's money on the people, to help give them jobs and empowerment during the Depression. He advocated a federal program for public works, public education, old age pensions and other social programs. This 'reinvestment' in the people he saw as a way to help stimulate the economy. He also envisioned a 'Share the Wealth' program proposing economic re-distribution in the form of new taxes on corporations, in an effort to end the crime so often found in poverty's shadow.

        Consistent with this vision, Long was a staunch opponent of the Federal Reserve Bank. He believed it was their policies that were the true cause of the Depression, a belief now substantiated by both Milton Friedman and history. He made speeches to the people denouncing the banking houses of Morgan and Rockefeller, who owned stock in the Federal Reserve. It was his firm conviction that they controlled the monetary system for their own benefit, instead of for the common people of this land.


The bid for the White House

        These themes made him immensely popular with the public as might be imagined, and he was gearing up to take a run at the presidency, challenging both FDR's policies and tenure.

        At the height of his popularity Long was shot on September 8th, 1935 at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. He died two days later at the age of 42. That was within 24 hours of transiting Pluto inconjuncting the US Moon in Aquarius from the US 8th house, which rules the US 12th house of 'behind the scenes enemies'. Somebody hidden very high on the financial ladder was pulling the strings.

        A voice of the people had been effectively and forcefully silenced. One that had rung with clarity over issues that we still hold to be true today. Focused until the end, he hung onto his beliefs and determination until his dying day. His final words were:

        "God, don't let me die,
I have so much left to do."

Share the Wealth
Huey P. Long, December 1934

The difference between the two
Huey P. Long, On the campaign trail


The US Flag

Continue on the Freedom Trail
 Pluto in Capricorn
Peeking Through the Corporate Keyhole

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