March 17, 2012

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Athena's Web Weekly Column

  Week of February 24th - March 1st,  2012

Red October Revisited

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Athena's predictions

        2011 was a busy year. Hopping back and forth from coast to coast takes its wear and tear. Then at the beginning of October our good friend John Thomas had a stroke and passed away a week later.

        There were other things on my mind at the time.

        This winter, having been settled for a while, I was able to organize the columns into their proper categories. While cleaning up the site from last year, I came across two that dealt with predictions for the future. The first column was entitled, Red October (4/15/11) and the second was October Countdown (8/19/11). They were both talking about the same thing, the secondary progressed US Mars and Midheaven were forming an inconjunct with each other on October 15th, while the progressed Sun and Uranus squared each other on October 31st. Here are some of the lines from the April 15th edition..

        "October is the month that jumped out by secondary progression. . . With the MC (Midheaven) currently in Taurus, this could be about the financial direction the country is taking, especially with where the administration is attempting to take us. . .

        "We're on a collision course here.

        "Heated words fly. . .

        "Mars is the red planet. October is the month.


Peaceful revolution

        "Crusades that are mounted at this time (15th) with urgency and bravado are likely to be pointed in the wrong direction."

        It turns out that the crusade was not so much pointed in the wrong direction as it was that they had no real game plan for how to change the overall system and start anew.

        And then from the August column, "October Countdown",

        "Looking at the map of the US of A, attempting to better understand some of the economic malaise that has hit the country, October stands out as a force to be reckoned with.

        "The first aspect occurs on October 15th as both the progressed MC and Mars inconjunct each other. Quick interpretation: anger at the president and/or Congress over the economy and how it is being handled. This will especially be coming from the blue collar, working class sector and those looking to secure health benefits for themselves."

        "But there is one other option that could play out here, and that is a people's revolution. The Halloween Solar square to Uranus is a disruptive, unexpected hit from out of left field, where the lid comes off and the facts are viewed and acted on. Revolutions are by nature unpredictable events constructed on shaky foundations."


Peaceful revolution

        So what happened as we built into Red October?

        Say hello to Occupy Wall Street. From Wiki:

        "On October 1, 2011, (over two thousand) protesters set out to march across the Brooklyn Bridge. The New York Times reported that more than 700 arrests were made. On October 5, thousands of union workers joined (the over fifteen thousand) protesters marching through the Financial District, resulting in about 200 arrests later in the same evening when dozens of protesters stormed barricades blocking them from Wall Street and the Stock Exchange. Police responded with pepper spray and penned the protesters in with orange netting."

        And then, on October 15th, over 6,000 people gathered to participate in the Times Square recruitment center march, right on celestial cue.

        Let's see, that's anger, the government, the economy, rebellion and revolution, on October 15.

        Strands of the WEB.

        Red October, indeed.


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