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New Freedom

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Woodrow Wilson at his desk

        We've been following the trail of the US Moon in Aquarius and of just what that means for the national soul. When this energy is triggered by outer planet alignments, its themes are stirred as the archetype comes to the surface. Under smooth alignments (sextiles, quintiles and trines) we see the more beneficial sides to the energy in question. Skills, talents and satisfaction often follow in their wake. Under hard aspects (squares, semi-squares, sesquiquadrates and inconjuncts), the more difficult facets of the archetype come to light, often with its notions not being well received or understood by others.

        In 1918 and 1919, there was a set of celestial conditions which strike at the very heart of what this Aquarian energy should represent. The contemporary ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, was rolling back and forth over the US Moon, conjuncting it on April 19th, 1918, July 17th, 1918, and February 4th, 1919. The conjunction is neither hard nor soft, it is simply powerful, and it points the way to new beginnings born of individual effort. This entire period should bring more clearly to the surface the themes we are looking for, and indeed, they do; but we'll let history be the judge.

        During the years in question, Woodrow Wilson was president of the US. Born on the 29th of December, 1856, he was a Capricorn (Sun and Mercury), with four 'planets' in Aquarius (Moon, Chiron, Venus and Mars, these last two within one minute (not one degree) of an exact conjunction). Wilson had a Moon in Aquarius (zero degrees), the country has a Moon in Aquarius. He was popular with the people. Wilson considered himself a reformer. In appropriate Aquarian terms he called his program the "New Freedom." As president of Princeton prior to his election, his reforms had a wide impact on American university education. It was these reforms (in vogue at the time as Uranus moved through Aquarius) that were to bring him to national attention, to the degree that he eventually became president. As president of the country his initiatives included lowering tariffs, a graduated income tax, putting into place the eight-hour work day and landmark laws against child labor. In many ways, both literally and figuratively, Woodrow Wilson brought us out of the 19th century and into the 20th.


He had the whole world in his hand

        But another principle persona of the Aquarian archetype is, quite simply, peace. It was the development of his proposal for peace that was partially responsible for bringing Germany to the bargaining table late in 1918. His Fourteen Points had been translated into German and distributed among the troops, bringing with it a new 'hope' for peace in the midst of a grueling war.

        Riding high on a wave of popularity for bringing the war to an end, the French, and indeed much of the world saw him as a saviour. He envisioned and championed the implementation of a League of Nations, spending much of his first year after the war at the Paris Peace Conference and attempting to put his plans into action back home. When he ran into resistance from Congress, he decided to take his case directly to the American people (always a fertile field for Aquarian energy, but a hard one to fully 'ignite'), but had a stroke while campaigning across the country.


Throwing out the first ball of the season

        He was undeniably one of the most intelligent and high-minded presidents the US has had. As Uranus moved out of Aquarius into Pisces at the end of March, 1919, much of the idealism of a future with no wars, a chief selling point for the League of Nations, had simply faded away. The American public had lost interest in Europe and wars, past or future.

        Both the time, and the opportunity had past.


The US Flag

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