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Uranian Independence
and Wisdom

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General William "Billy" Mitchell

        We stand on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius. World society is in the process of embracing this change on many fronts. The United States of America, born on the 4th of July, 1776, has it's Moon in Aquarius. We are an independent minded people of various international persuasions. Because we have a Moon in Aquarius, part of our personality is what will come into stronger play as time moves on, over the next three years, the next three decades and the next three centuries. Mucho strongo. The idea is to study this train coming down the tracks and try to figure out just what it is that's about to hit us.

        Recently we've been examining some of the historical record, attempting to determine how this combination has manifested in the past. We'll return to this theme, but first we're going to take a look at the contemporary planetary ruler of our AIR sign Aquarius, Uranus, and see how it has played its part on the national stage. Because Uranus rules Aquarius, some of the same themes of freedom, independence, highly-educated and futuristically-oriented ideals come through the planet as well as the sign.

        In the US chart, Uranus is in Gemini natally, strengthening it's already strong intellectual capabilities. For reasons that will soon be revealed, we will discuss why we're looking at this period, and understand that we're learning about a slightly different side of Aquarius, one that is not lunar (emotional, family-oriented, or feminine) in nature.


The military trail with a national audience

        Say hello to General William "Billy" Mitchell, today considered to be the father of the modern Air Force. He was one of the most famous and controversial figures in the history of American air power. He not only led combat operations in France during WWI, he was also an air ace. After the war, he was named deputy director of the Air Service. He used both his post and popularity to advocate increased national investment in air power, believing that it would be (latter dramatically substantiated when the H.M.S. Prince of Wales ventured to the Far East without air cover and was promptly sunk by the Japanese in WWII) critical in future wars.

        For his outspoken views (Mitchell was a Capricorn whose Saturn squared his Sun and inconjuncted his Uranus within a quarter of a degree- he didn't get along with authority figures very well) he was demoted to Colonel in 1925 and later court-martialed for insubordination after accusing Army and Navy leaders of an "almost treasonable administration of the national defense." In October he was prosecuted on the direct order of President Calvin Coolidge himself.


The B-25 Mitchell
The only US military aircraft
to be named for an individual

        Mitchell was found "guilty of all specifications and of the charge". The court suspended him from active duty and terminated his pay.

        Technological understanding of complex issues is an Uranian trait. He clearly saw the future, and was correct as Hitler (Uranus rising) later proved in the opening salvos of WWII, some three years after Mitchell died in 1936.

        Uranus is not a fast moving planet. When you examine it by secondary progression, its movement is even slower. For the first time since this nation was born, Uranus retrograded, came back and conjuncted it's own natal position. As this alignment built into its power, we had a rare look into the future as an AIR Sign ruler made its independent stance known.

        Uranus conjuncted Uranus on December 17th, 1925, the day they court-martialed General William "Billy" Mitchell, as the court put it, "regardless of the truth of the situation".


The US Flag

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