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To Have or Not To Have
That is the question

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Neptune in two

Neptune, located at the top of the chart,
is involved in two powerful aspects that help to shape this great nation

        Recently we have been looking at the chart of the United States, focusing on two principle aspects: the Neptune Mars square and the Neptune Pluto trine. These are natal aspects that have played repeating patterns over and over again since our inception in 1776. While examining the historical record, we have witnessed a wide range of diversity across the fiscal spectrum in this country; of both immense wealth and crippling poverty. These two alignments both involve Neptune, and do much to explain the fiscal disparity found here.


JP Morgan

        Neptune at the top of the US natal chart, trining Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd, represents great material (Earth trine) wealth. But it is being controlled (Pluto) at the corporate (Capricorn) level. These riches feed the wheels of industry, not the general population. Historically, we have favored immigration as a means to keep wages low, thereby increasing the profits for those at the top. Carnagie asked $492,000,000 for his steel industry. J.P. Morgan paid it, reorganized and profited enormously.

        Neptune is in Virgo, conjunct the US Midheaven. The nameless, faceless, uneducated labor force is Neptune in Virgo (workers). In the trine to Pluto, there is little question that the cheap labor supply benefited (benefits- this is still the chart of this nation) these great engines of industry and the bottom line. Importing was the solution in the 19th century. More recently, rather than import cheap labor (and all the problems that come with it), industry has found it more profitable to export their factories to cheap labor internationally. It's still the same theme. Neptune in Virgo is one of the principle resevoirs of energy responsible for our economic bottom line.

        The forgotten immigrant is Neptune in Virgo. Obtain your citizenship, and the celestial focus shifts gears to the Moon in Aquarius, our national educated public.

        It is the gulf between the haves and the have-nots that is fueling much of what we currently see socially. There are many examples of this attitude and national policy expressing itself throughout history. Here's one from Zinn, People's History p. 253.


President Grover Cleveland

        In 1887, with a huge surplus in the treasury, Cleveland vetoed a bill appropriating $100,000 to give relief to Texas farmers to help them buy seed grain during a drought. He said: "Federal aid in such cases . . . encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the government and weakens the national character." But that same year, Cleveland used his gold surplus to pay off wealthy bondholders at $28 above the $100 value of each bond -- a gift of $45 million.

        Transiting Pluto paralleled the US Ceres (domesticated grains) three times through 1887.

        The trine from Neptune to the 2nd house, a smooth relationship between the executive and industry.

        A square to the Mars in the 7th house. The level-playing-field of the legal system isn't so level, at least not for the common man.

        With Pluto in the 2nd house, the events are secret, private, guarded. The 2nd house deals with our personal money and the things that it can buy. One way of looking at it is private (Pluto) property (2nd).

        This notion of personal property being of greater importance than human life (unless you're rich) goes back to the founding fathers, "who had learned their law in the era of Blackstone's Commentaries, which said: "So great is the regard of the law for private property, that it will not authorise the least violation of it; no, not even for the common good of the whole community."

        People's History, Zinn, p. 256.

        This is your country, Mr/Ms 'Of-the-people'.

        Is this the guiding star you chose to define the course for our collective ship of state?


The US Flag

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