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  Week of December 23rd - December 29th,  2011

"Stealing is the order of the day"

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US Mars Neptune square

Our Neptune Mars square in the US chart
can indicate national self (Mars) - deception (Neptune)

        We've been examining a single aspect in the chart of the United States of America. Neptune stands at the top of this map, conjunct the Midheaven. It is one of our national guiding lights. Some believe we're closer to God than any other nation. In another sense, it's Hollywood, the myth-making machine, the American Dream.

        In a natal chart, the Midheaven rules the father, but it can also be your boss. It's those who have power and authority over us. In a country's chart, the Midheaven (abbreviated MC for its Latin initials), represents the king, prime minister or president. Given the particulars of this nation, it rules our executive office.


The Executive Office is the 10th house cusp

        We observed Howard Zinn's assessment of our presidents as national saviors, essential to the survival of the nation, but at the expense of the individual liberties. This opinion capped a lifetime of academic observation.

        We also observed how Neptune squared Mars, and to put it succinctly, the reasons we go to war are not really the reasons we go to war. There is a history of false flag operations. Indignant fire is best evoked when moral outrage is fanning the flames. It turns out, however, that it is not moral outrage but economic advantage that drives the engines of industry.

        The United States of America goes to war so we can buy stuff cheap, so we can control vast quantities of natural resources, here, there and everywhere.

US 7th House

The 7th is said to be
the house of the courts,
the legal system

        We examined these themes, executive saviour and false flag, over the last two weeks. Now we take it a step further. Mars is in Gemini in the 7th house in the US natal chart.

        'White man speak with forked tongue' is a good way to encapsulate this sentiment.

        The 7th house represents our legal system. Gemini represents legal contracts, the treaties we sign. Mars in Gemini are the war treaties. This week we're focusing on our early history with the indigenous peoples of this land.

        Remember, we're looking for patterns.

        Let's start with our allies, those who stood alongside our soldiers, fighting for the birth of this young, fledging nation during the Revolutionary War. The Chicksaw not only spilled their blood for us, they gained, by signed treaty, legal rights to their land in return for their efforts.

        During the War of 1812 the Cherokee fought alongside Andrew Jackson and "single-handedly" (if that can be said of a tribe) made him a national hero at the battle of Horseshoe Bend. They were promised governmental friendship in return for entering the war on our behalf.

        Promises to both tribes quickly (Mars) evaporated in the wind (AIR- Gemini).

        They changed their minds.

        Fighting the Indian was not easy, and so, bringing in other Indians as an added advantage was a common tactic.

Outbreak of the Creek War- Library of Congress

Treaties repeatedly broken, their land taken
some Indians fought back

        "Eight hundred Creek men had volunteered to help the United States army fight the Seminoles in Florida in return for a promise that their families could remain in Alabama, protected by the federal government until the men returned.

        "The promise was not kept.

        "The Creek families were attacked by land-hungry white marauders; robbed, driven from their homes, women raped. Then the army, claiming it was for their safety, removed them from Creek country to a concentration camp on Mobile Bay. Hundreds died there from lack of food and from sickness."

                People's History, Zinn, p. 142.

        This is what you call a pattern. In this case, its deception and duplicity, of treaties, promises and contracts broken, over and over. Patterns are how aspects manifest themselves in charts. We are seeing a pattern here, albeit not a pretty one.

        With Neptune squaring Mars, the individual rights of the Native American evaporated. Indigenous peoples are ruled by Neptune, as are slaves, prisoners, and POWs. It's anyone you want to make invisible. With Neptune squared by Mars in Gemini, these peoples were bamboozled out of their land in a language of legal logic, abusing the scantily of the courts, the Temple of Justice, over and over again.

        Kick them (Mars) when they're down (Neptune) is a national bad habit. Beating up on the poor and unfortunate is another. During this period of our early history, Neptune was the out-numbered Indian.

        "From 1814 to 1824, in a series of treaties with the southern Indians, whites took over three-fourths of Alabama and Florida, one-third of Tennessee, one-fifth of Georgia and Mississippi, and parts of Kentucky and North Carolina."

                ibid, p. 127.


Howard Zinn, author of
A People's History
of the United States

        Treaties were laced with such oratorical phrases as
"As long as grass grows or water runs"

                ibid, 132, or,

        "This I promise to you in the name of your great father, the President. That country he assigns to his red people, to be held by them and their children's children forever."

                ibid, p. 131.

        These treaties were not worth the paper they were written on. According to one that took part in the duplicity, a Georgia bank president rejoiced,

        "Stealing is the order of the day."

                ibid, p. 133.

        At least he was being honest.

        "As soon as Jackson was elected President (in 1829), Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi began to pass laws to extend the states' rule over the Indians in their territory. These laws did away with the tribe as a legal unit, outlawed tribal meetings, took away the chiefs' powers, made the Indians subject to militia duty and state taxes, but denied them the right to vote, to bring suits, or to testify in court. Indian territory was divided up, to be distributed by state lottery. Whites were encouraged to settle on Indian land."

                ibid, p. 132.

        "The white invaders seized land and stock, forced Indians to sign leases, beat up Indians who protested, sold alcohol to weaken resistance, killed game which Indians needed for food."

        But it was not only the mobs. Planters interests and government policy help point the way.

        "Treaties made under pressure and by deception broke up Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw tribal lands into individual holdings, making each person a prey to contractors, speculators, and politicians."

                ibid, p. 133.


A voice in the
Congressional wilderness

        A voice of dissent at the time, Ralph Waldo Emerson saw the travesty for what it was and attempted to solicit divine indignation on the Congressional floor.

        "The soul of man, the justice, the mercy that is the heart's heart in all men, from Maine to Georgia, does abhor this business- a crime is projected that confounds our understandings by its magnitude, a crime that really deprives us as well as the Cherokees of a country for how could we call the conspiracy that should crush these poor Indians our government, or the land that was cursed by their parting and dying imprecations our country any more?"

        "You, sir, will bring down that renowned chair in which you sit into infamy if your seal is set to this instrument of perfidy; and the name of this nation, hitherto the sweet omen of religion and liberty, will stink to the world."

                ibid, p. 145.

         This is not the letter or the spirit of the law.

                This is not justice.


        Here is a rough chronological roll call of the tribes who were forced to 'give up' their tribal lands between 1814 and 1825. Repetitions indicate multiple treaties:

         Creek, Sauk, Wea, Kickapoo, Ottawa, Chippewa, Potawatomi, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Wyandot, Seneka, Delaware, Shawnee, Potawatomi, Ottawa, Chippewa, Piankishaw, Creek, Quapaw, Wyandot, Seneka, Shawnee, Ottawa, Wyandot, Delaware, Miami, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Kickapoo, Kickapoo of the Vermilion, Chippewa, Ottawa, Chippewa, Kickapoo, Wea, Choctaw, Creek, Ottawa, Chippewa, Potawatomi, Moravian or Christian Indians, Florida tribes, Christian Indians, Quapaw, Choctaw, Creek, Great and Little Osage, Kansas, Chippewa, Sauk, Fox, Menomini, Iowa, Sioux, Winnebago, Ottawa, Chippewa, Potawatomi and the Shawnee nation residing in Missouri.


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