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  Week of December 16th - December 22nd,  2011

Will the Real War Please Stand Up?

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US Mars Neptune square

The birthmap of the USA
highlighting Neptune (purple) squaring Mars (red)

        Last week, we began to examine a single component of the US natal horoscope. Using the traditional standard for the birth of the nation, the 4th of July, 1776, we have a blueprint through which the national soul is made apparent. In that chart, the natal Mars is making an applying square to Neptune. This is not an easy combination and has a wealth of interpretations.

        Mars, of course, is the God of War. In a national map, Mars rules the army, it's generals and soldiers. Mars is a Fire Lord, and as such, tends to run hot. Neptune is the Lord of the Ocean. Put them together? Fire not like Ocean. Snuffed City.


US Marines in Latin America

        Bascially, the natal interpretation suggests that the military can get 'hit' (Mars) 'out of nowhere' (Neptune), as we were in World War II and Korea. Hard aspects to Neptune often involve ignorance or a lack of information. Neptune is our inner perception, the capacity to visualize. With Mars squaring Neptune, what you imagined you were fighting for can turn out not to be the case.

        Mars in the 7th house (its natal placement in the US chart) can represent a champion (Mars) of justice (7th house, Libra's generic home). But with Neptune squaring that Mars, there's something off center about it. Morality and justice may be held up as rationale for the current conflagration, but it just ain't so, Jack. People's History of the United States, pp. 399-400.

        "For the United States to step forward as a defender of helpless countries matched its image in American high school hisotry textbooks, but not its record in world affairs. It had instigated a war with Mexico and taken half of that country. It had pretended to help Cuba win freedom from Spain, and then planted itself in Cuba with a military base, investments, and rights of intervention. It had seized Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and fought a brutal war to subjugate the Filipinos. It had "opened" Japan to its trade with gunboats and threats. It had declared an Open Door Policy in China as a means of assuring that the United States would have opportunities equal to other imperial powers in exploiting China. It had sent troops to Peking with other nations, to assert Western supremacy in China, and kept them there for over thiry years.


After helping to throw off their Spanish overlords
the US moved in to help themselves

        "While demanding an Open Door in China, it had insisted (with the Mornore Doctrine and many military inverventions) on a Closed Door in Latin American-- that is, closed to everyone but the United States. It had engineered a revolution against Colombia and created the "independent" state of Panama in order to build and control the Canal. It sent five thousand marines to Nicaragua in 1926 to counter a revolution, and kept a force there for seven years. It intervened in the Dominican Republic for the fourth time in 1916 and kept troops there for eight years. It intervened for the second time in Haiti in 1915 and kept troops there for nineteen years. Between 1900 and 1933, the United States intervened in Cuba four time, in Nicaragua twice, in Panama six times, in Guatemala once, in Honduas seven times. By 1924 the finances of half of the twenty Latin American states were being directed to some extent by the United States. By 1935, over half of US steel and cotton exports were being sold in Latin America...

        "In short, if the entrance of the United States into World War II was (as so many Americans believed at the time, observing the Nazi invasions) to defend the principle of nonintervention in the affairs of other countries, the nation's record cast doubt on its ability to uphold that principle."

        Mars in Gemini.

        Beligerant, duplicitous words.

        Antagonistic actions towards neighbors.

The US Flag

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