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US Mars Neptune square

The birthmap of the USA
highlighting Neptune (purple) squaring Mars (red)

        It's time for a little history lesson. Let's look at the natal chart of the United States of America.

        Like an individual's horoscope, the 'personality' of the subject may be read. Natal aspects, celestial geometric patterns observed at the time of birth, repeat themselves throughout an individual's lifetime. We go through the same set of circumstances, form relationships with the same kind of partners, or just keep getting parking tickets, whatever. Taken negatively, these patterns become ruts we fall into. Manifested positively, we cultivate good habits to be blessed by in maturity.


Cutting the circle

        How does one read these designs?

        The notion is simple. Start with a circle (360 degrees). Cut the circle in half and you have an opposition (180 degrees). Cut the circle in quarters and you have a square (90 degrees), etc. For those of you commenting under your breath that these are not circles, we measure them AS IF they were a circle, on a 360 degree, and not 365 day, mathematical 'circle'. Of course we know we are dealing with slightly flattened 'circles' known as ellipses.

        These heavenly proportions were noted long ago. Whenever planets aligned in one of these predetermined geometric relationships, similarities were observed. This is why the Egyptians recorded so carefully any and all events that might transpire in the land, particularly unusual events, and especially any that might occur on New Year's. Because they took notes, when celestial cycles repeated themselves they could anticipate similar conditions on Earth might return. The spirit of astrology is applied mathematics, the terrestrial manifestation of heaven's vibratory 'will'.

US Mars Neptune square

Mars moves faster than Neptune,
and at 21 degrees Gemini is 'catching'
Neptune in the 'square' at 22 Virgo

        This next question is for those that have studied the stars a little. I'd like to see a show of hands. You're coming in for a new lifetime. How many of you would willingly choose a birth chart when the Sun was applying to a square to Saturn, Mars was applying to a square to Neptune, and the Moon was Void-of-Course?

        Say hello to the natal chart of the US of A, born on the 4th of July, 1776, Philadelphia, PA, with 7 degrees Sag Ascending.

        By observing what happened as various planets triggered these alignments, we can identify how these themes manifested and learn from them. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Unlike an individual's chart, in a nation's chart we have more time to work with, with its corresponding greater volume of written information in newspapers, educational texts and biographies.

        All of history becomes the judge.

        This is one piece of the pattern in the US chart, part of the Mars Neptune square. Neptune conjuncts the US Midheaven (or MC, shown at the top of the chart at 24 Virgo 52, just above Neptune). Neptune rules Pisces, the Land of Enchantment we are now leaving. Among other things, Neptune represents surrender, one of the principle currents of this epoch. Buddhism is surrender, Christianity is surrender, Islam is surrender. Barring cultural differences, the essence is the same.

        But hand-in-hand with the notion of surrender is that of the saviour, the archetype through whom all personal will is relinquished. In a lifelong pursuit, Zinn captured the celestial essence of this interpretation beautifully in his summation of 'A People's History of the United States, 1990,' p. 570.


Do we need a political saviour anymore?

        "All those histories of this country centered on the Founding Fathers (MC) and the Presidents (MC) weigh oppressively on the capacity of the ordinary citizen (square Mars, common man) to act. They suggest that in times of crisis we must look to someone to save us: in the Revolutionary crisis, the Founding Fathers; in the slavery crisis, Lincoln; in the Depression, Roosevelt; in the Vietnam-Watergate crisis, Carter. And that between occasional crises everything is alright, and it is sufficient for us to be restored to that normal state. They teach us that the supreme act of citizenship is to choose among saviors, by going into a voting booth every four years to choose between two white and well-off Anglo-Saxon males (this has not changed with the last election, in spite of the visuals) of inoffensive personality and orthodox opinions.

        The idea of saviors has been built into the entire culture, beyond politics. We have learned to look to (theatrical) stars, leaders, experts in every field, thus surrendering our own strength, demeaning our own ability, obliterating our own selves.

        But from time to time, Americans reject that idea and rebel."

        There are many ways in which an alignment such as this can play its part in the march of history. By examining this one celestial aspect alone, by watching as it was triggered and understanding how it plays a part on the national stage, is simply to sit back, observe, and learn.

        We're looking at the national soul here.

                Who are we as a people?


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