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A Little Zinn or Two, Darling?

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Real estate values

Real Estate Values during the Depression

        We've been looking at the upcoming Uranus Pluto square over the last few weeks, contemplating it's impact. By examining the historical threads of this tapestry closely, we may find clues of a common weave.

        Pluto and Uranus have only squared each other three times since the nation's birth, with each occasion preceded by a 'Panic', or financial scare. Our alignment corresponds with three economic depressions in the US; the first, longest and biggest.

        One of the beauties of celestial design is that it's not limited to a single, narrow definition. Uranus is the planet of the people and the upcoming Age of Aquarius. It is the vibration that has been growing and will continue to grow over the next few centuries. We're heading into its power. We are learning to share information. We like it. It's fun. There's not only a maturing spirit of cooperation among folks, there's also a growing sense of independence which, if ignored, can lead to rebellion and revolution. The old systems are breaking down. Everyone knows it, or they soon will.

Information Age

Information Age

        One simple interpretation of the dawning of the New Age is that people power will continue to build as we more fully engage the vibration. We will be able to drink from the heavenly waters for FREE. My personal understanding of this sentiment is that we will be tapping a new power source on the other side of these alignments, other than fossil fuels, available to everyone at no charge.

        We are seeing in the news a few of the birth pangs of the new vibration starting to take hold, but with Pluto squaring Uranus seven times between 2012 and 2015, these peaceful, unified, humanitarian New Age themes are about to take a collective drubbing.

        These secretive, under the table, lying-for-the-greater-good 'skills' are standard fare for covert operations launched by the cloak of darkness. This is the essence of Pluto. He cheats, He lies, He steals. With or without a smile. Each of these periodic depressions muffles countless testimonials to the pain endured by impoverished multitudes through each economic undertow. One of Pluto's birthrights is His financial control over the world's mineral wealth as Lord of the Underworld. We're talkin' Godfather here.

        It's going to be a nasty fight.

Depression children

An ill economic wind

        But it's not simply a one-way street. Lessons are learned and advantages passed on with each new layer. The upcoming Age is the trump suit. It will emerge the eventual 'winner'. By looking at celestial squares, we are examining some of the most difficult combinations of these forces. Classically, squares lead the class of 'hard' aspects. They're challenging, to say the least. Besides 'Depression' (Pluto), there is another vocabulary word that can be associated with these periods, and that word is (Uranus) 'Strike'! Periods during which there are strong Uranian alignments define times when 'the people' are gaining a sense of their own power. The Sixties represented another geometcric alignment of Pluto and Uranus, a conjunction. Social progress tends to be a little more evident under conjunctions. History is better able to define the advantages gained, the spirit of social evolution. But 'the people' can be translated in a number of ways, depending on what we're having to deal with at the time. Sometimes 'the people' are the workers, whether factory or farm, as in the '30s; sometimes 'the people' are defined along racial lines, complimented by student support, as was the case in the '60s. The upcoming set of alignments, from 2012 through 2015, will be much more international in its scope. 'We are the 99%' is but one of the many masks these Uranian themes will wear. But whether conjunction, square, or opposition-- each time these two come align they flush humanitarian social issues to the surface, and 'the people' begin to collectively, if somewhat reluctantly, assert themselves.

        The irony is what nurtures these strengths and the skills they evoke is the corruption and injustice itself.

        By studying what worked in the past we can best apply these lessons to the present. This is how you really learn from history. The incoming vibration is one of information and knowledge. The internet and it's electronic offspring are but vehicles through which this Uranian stream now flows. When Uranus has been celestially 'tapped' we find historical indications of 'peoples movements' growing in strength. Electronic connection is currently the rage. Increasingly, new devices and technologies are keeping the people alert and in touch with one another, without the filters of media bias.

Depression men

Out of work men in the '30s.

        What's the bias?

        Profit (Pluto), plain and simple. Under the Uranian baton, Aquarius will be a time of ideas and innovations, the exchange of data, a new realm born of the people, by the people, and truly for the people. Like Wiki.

        Many contributors, independently reviewed, good info.

        What could be easier?

        Hello, Aquarius! Let the Bell of Freedom ring!

        That's the vision for the future, a time when the new vibration will usher in a spirit of cooperation and contributions among people everywhere, where we discover and applaud the nuances between us all, rather than isolatiing us across ethnic lines. There is currently enough food to feed the people of the Earth. The problem is not technological. We can distribute it. The problem is economic.

        It is not profitable.

        What's wrong with this picture? Where are the priorities?

        With Pluto squaring Uranus, the media (information) is being manipulated. Someone has their finger on the scales under the table. Economic currents are not buffeted by random forces (as we are led to believe), but are rather shaped by a few from behind the scenes, interested only in guiding their own economic destinies.

        It is this astrologers opinion from studying the patterns of history that these are times when the corporate financiers come together and intentionally depress the market in order to generate huge fire sales for the wealthy elite. The hunger was there, the food was there, the people were there.

        The market was kept in check.

        William Jennings Bryant warned years earlier about the people being crucified on a Cross of Gold. Could it be that what he foresaw came to pass? During the Depression, because China based their currency on silver, there was no Depression.


CCC in the 1930s

        It's all politcal and financial construct. And while Pluto and Uranus square each other is when the social system, the consumer, the people, the farmers, the factory workers, railroad and automotive industries... It is the people that form the lifeblood of these operations.

        To study the lessons of history, to understand the forces behind the system, is to drink from the new Aquarian stream freshly flowing. From Howard Zinn's The Twentieth Century, p. 112.

        "There were millions of tons of food around, but it was not profitable to transport it, to sell it. Warehouses were full of clothing, but people could not afford it. There were lots of houses, but they stayed empty because people couldn't pay the rent, had been evicted, and now lived in shacks in quickly formed "Hoovervilles" built on garbage dumps."

        A square between these two archetypes suggests a collision course between the ideals. Steinbeck wrote of this change and saw the people becoming "dangerous."

        The spirit of rebellion (Uranus/Aquarius) was growing.

        These were a few of the lessons that have been learned. Our main advantage is in the democratic force of numbers. Ultimately, the people must organize themselves. In Seattle as these two planets squared each other (1932-1934) the fisherman's union caught fish and exchanged them with people who picked fruit and vegetables. Others who cut wood exchanged that. At the end of 1932 there were 330 self-help organizations in thirty-seven states with over 300,000 members.

        If the government won't help the people, then the people must learn to help the people, to watch out for our own.

        Here follows a poem from another Uranian strike which captures the essence of massed resistance, of a successfully organized people's revolt. It was recorded in the Seattle Union Record.

What scares them most is
They are ready
Seattle City Wide Strike

Prog ASC paralled US natal Uranus 1919

They have machine guns
And soldiers,
        Is uncanny.
The business men
Don't understand
That sort of weapon. . .
It is your SMILE
Their reliance
        On Artillery, brother!
It is the garbage wagons
That go along the street
Marked "EXEMPT
It is the milk stations
That are getting better daily,
And the three hundred
WAR Veterans of Labor
Handling the crowds
For these things speak
That they do not feel
At HOME in.

        The sense of the new vibration was being correctly identified, if somewhat prematurely. A new power and a new world are indeed, in historical terms, right around the corner.

        Under Aquarius, education is our ally. Knowledge will set us free. While we have been discussing the transiting alignments, the '30s actually did double duty. After transiting Uranus finished squaring transiting Pluto (1932-1934), it then began a series of squares to the nation's natal Pluto in 1934-1935. Then transiting Pluto opposed the US natal Pluto in 1936-1937.

Seattle City Wide Strike II

The Seattle Strike

        The '30s were tough. And out of this was born a new spirit of independence and learning.

        "Committees organized recreation, information, classes, a postal service, sanitation. Courts were set up to deal with those who didn't take their turn washing dishes or who threw rubbish or smoked where it was prohibited or brought in liquor. The "punishment" consisted of extra duties; the ultimate punishment was expulsion from the plant. . .

        There were classes in parliamentary procedure, public speaking, history of the labor movement. Graduate students at the University of Michigan gave courses on journalism and creative writing." p. 138.

        You're looking at a picture postcard of the future, showing that, when given the incentive, the people can in fact take care of themselves, and very nicely, thank you.


The US Flag

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