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  Week of November 25th - December 1st,  2011

The Liberty Bell is Cracked

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Liberty Bell

Ring the Living Bell

        If history is any judge, there's a celestial alignment coming up that promises to shake us to our economic roots. Here's the background:

        Since the birth of our nation there have been a series of three alignments where Uranus and Pluto squared each other. The first series was 1820-1821, the second 1876-1877, and the third 1932-1934. These periods correspond nicely with the first, longest and greatest depressions this country has ever known. Historically, these were triggered by what were termed 'panics:' the Panic of 1819, the Panic of 1873, and of course the Panic of 1929 with its infamous stock market crash.

        Pluto rules international finance. It's the money that fuses us together as credit, loans, mortgages, inheritances, etc. With Uranus (knowledge and information) in a square (a hard aspect) to Uranus, the people know (Uranus) that naughty fiscal intrigues are going on under the table (Pluto). The forces seem to be too strong to do much about, yet the roots are rotten. Powers hidden in the shadows manipulate the system so as to jury-rig the outcome. Tensions build through the 1820s into what becomes the economic ire of Jackson, who felt the caustic political infighting cost him the life of his wife.

Missouri Compromise

Missouri Compromise

        Following conclusion of the War of 1812, the South looked at the future, and the future didn't look bright. The North was leaving them behind in terms of population. In a democracy, who controls the votes, controls the country. The Missouri Compromise (1820) was a legalistic wedge forcibly inserted to help maintain the political 'balance' between North and South. Both this and the Electoral College had been established in an attempt to contend with this growing racial disparity.

        The College has been the source of the majority of our electoral disagreements ever since.

        The first serious tensions erupt between North and South in 1819 and 1820. At this time, plans to set up a colony in Liberia for freed blacks was tried as a potential political solution. Lady Liberty visited the Americas a second time forty-five years after our own war of independence as it blessed Mexico with a successful Revolutionary War. They won freedom from Spain in November, 1821. American interests, anticipating an Imperial opportunity, sent out an expedition from Pittsburgh "to explore the region south of the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains," Mexican sovereign territory. The Santa Fe Trail (September 21, 1821) opened our southern sister to foreign anticipation, exploration, and penetration. It would become the invasion route the US Army would take in 1846 for the Mexican American War.

Outlaw heroes

Bonnie and Clyde
Financial roles models?

        This new-born infantile nation wasn't even out of its political diapers yet.

        The wolves were waiting at the borders.

        As Pluto squares Uranus, universal rights and independent freedoms come under attack. In 1821 the Seminoles are forced to retire to the "uninhabitable center" of Florida after which the US government assured them of "protection and care." Tensions over abolition build into the Civil War. In 1877 there are anti-Chinese riots in California, while in the early 1930s the unemployment rate for blacks rises as high as ninety-five percent in Atlanta, while the number of white people without jobs there remained around twenty-five percent. The Great Depression was tougher on southern blacks than any other single segment of the population. Also during the '30s, government support (Pluto) of education (Uranus) bottoms out to near-disastrous levels.

        During each of these periods, popular outrage demands someone new at the executive level who will better serve everyday people. During the Great Depression financiers became so unpopular bank robbers like Bonnie and Clyde are elevated to the realm of folk hero.


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