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retrograde motion

Retrograde motion

        Here's the forecast for the immediate future.

        Stormy skies.

        Pluto and Uranus are at a position in their orbits where they are getting ready to square each other. Because these are outer planets (further from the Sun), they move slowly and are retrograde (appear to move backwards) for an extended period of time each year. If you were to plot their positions on a chart, you'd see that they're doing little loops in their paths when compared to the 'fixed' stars surrounding them. Of course this is all geocentric or observational astronomy. It's how it appears from here on the Earth, how you and I see it.

        Retrograde motion is standard fare in update readings. Because of this retrograde motion outer planets will align three or five times (it's always an odd number) as part of a series before the faster planet, in this case Uranus, begins to pull ahead and leaves the alignment behind with the slower moving Pluto.

The Panic of 1819

Beginning a new phase of
American economic history

        Since these are extended orbits, let's look back over the last two centuries at the pattern. During that interval Uranus has squared Pluto in three series. Beginning in 1820 these two planets squared five times, starting in 1876 they met again three times, and then between 1932 to 1934 they again assumed the position five times. That's 1820, 1876 and 1932.

        So what's it all mean?

        I'm glad you asked.

        Uranus is the planet of revolution and change. At its best it deals with excitement, innovation and invention. At its worst it's what the lightning bolt hit. Eccentric ideas, weird hair and a crackling network are its lifeblood. It deals with rebellion and explosions, can be very exciting, but it's like handling high voltage electricity. Yes it will do wonders for you.

        If you know what you're doing.

Hades preparing to rape Persephone

Hades and Persephone

        Pluto is Lord of the Underworld. When He's involved, there can be lives at stake, fortunes to be made or lost, or wills to be broken. All this is fueled by obsession, secrecy and denial. In a square the issues are powerful, raw and exposed. Forces are being manipulated under the table to achieve the desired outcome. There's money to be had.

        In looking through the historical record, the bottom line on this one seems to be coerced change. As a reaction, because of political corruption and hard times, people become agitated and are anxious for administrative turnover.

        Each of these historical periods are linked to major economic depressions. 1820 follows the Panic of 1819, the Long Depression of 1873 to 1879 is anchored by 1876, and of course, the Great Depression of 1929, with its trough in 1932. From Wiki on the 1819 hit-

        There had been ups and downs in the market since the 1790s "but never to this magnitude. Businesses went bankrupt when they could not meet their debts, and hundreds of thousands of wage workers lost their jobs. For example, unemployment reached 75 percent in Philadelphia, and 1,800 workers were imprisoned for debt. In Baltimore, the unemployed set up a city of tents on the outskirts of the city."

        While Uranus squares Pluto, we can anticipate that the people will be agitating for changes in the administration on a regular basis. Various forms of secret (Pluto) data or information (Uranus) will begin to come to light, making what Wikileaks has already done look like child's play. Secrets and corruption (Pluto) will be electronically revealed (Uranus- knowledge or information).

        Unlike the foregoing examples, this time there will be a series of not three, not five, but seven squares, the first of which will be on June 24th, 2012 and the last of which will be March 16th, 2015 (see list below).

        Now it gets interesting. (to be continued)


        Dates of the exact Pluto Uranus squares for the next series:

        June 24, 2012

        September 19, 2012

        May 20, 2013

        November 1, 2013

        April 21, 2014

        December 15, 2014

        March 16, 2015


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