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  Week of October 28th - November 3rd,  2011

Both Sides of the Coin

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Two sides to every...

        For astrologers that deal with mundane affairs, the outer planets can be significators of trends. Outer planets are those that lie at the other end of the solar system and move more slowly, signaling social shifts and determining the length of their influence. When Neptune entered Scorpio in the mid-50s, it marked the beginning of of rock and roll. The national fiber was being undermined. Neptune left Scorpio in 1970, entered Sagittarius, and suddenly foreign diplomatic doors began to open- through sports. The thaw on the cold war started as we began to play ice hockey with the Russians and ping-pong with the Chinese.

        Pluto is in Capricorn now underlying the corporate economic conservatism that we seeing sweep the country since 2008, the year this planet entered that sign. Pluto is clocking in at the 5th (out of 30) degree of Capricorn.

        Many astrologers long ago speculated about the Grand Cardinal Cross earlier this year. As part of this alignment, Uranus entered Aries and signaled a revolutionary new beginning in what turned out to be the Arab Spring.

Arab Spring

The start of the Aquarian waves...

        We are being given clues about the future. Who would have thought the dawning of the Aquarian Age would start on the streets with the people in Cairo? Uranus is still only at one and a half degrees of Aries (out of 30).

        But amidst all this turmoil, there's a celestial alignment of great promise at work now. Jupiter in Taurus is trining Pluto in Capricorn. On October 28th, Jupiter trines Pluto exactly. In one way or another, this theme is reaching its peak. Yes, a good portion of this is the money that the big wigs in finance (Jupiter in Taurus) are feeding into the corporate interests (Pluto in Capricorn), and if you happen to be in that sector of the economy, things are looking pretty good right now. But if you have planets in your chart at 5 degrees of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), or even 5 degrees of the Water signs, then this energy can work for you!

        Earth signs are where traditional values and hard work are often stored. You don't grow mountains or harvest your fiedls overnight.

        But there's another side to the coin. Since these Earth signs deal with the economy and finance, with Jupiter in a favorable aspect, there's much teaching, education and learning that is takiing place now. Jupiter is the professor, the guru and the priest. They pass down to us the higher wisdom from above. Classes in capitalism are taking place at these sights, helping people to understand a few of the fiscal injustices that are taking place, and a whole new perspective is being born of what is happening now. Jupiter is also the media, and all the "We are the 99%" movement has been trying to do is draw attention and focus to the disparity that is at work between the have's and the have-not's.

        In that objective, there has been success.

Occupy Wall St poster

        The spirit of the movement is born of the frustration the average person feels with the system. The desire for change is strong, and it is hitting a resonant cord with the people, but it has yet to find its focus. Nevertheless, this is a step that we must move through in order to obtain our goal. The quickness and ease of the excitement of the movement, and of how quickly it spread from city to city and country to country, is evidence of an in-coming tide. The revolutionary spirit of Aquarius is being stirred, and this youthful enthusiasm must be channeled into one of the greatest resources the Age of Aquarius will yeild, and that's our minds! We are an educated populace like never before in the known history of our world. It is our ideas that will come to form the new world. This is our new, as yet untapped resource.

        The old economic system is breaking down, and well it should; it has seen it's day. But if that were to happen tomorrow, we have nothing to take its place, as a media of exchange, as a measure of trust, as a bond to each other.

        The issue is no longer how to fix the old system.

        The issue is how do we build a new one?

        Let the dialogue begin.

        Electronically, of course.


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