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  Week of October 7th - October 13th,  2011

John Thomas

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John and Lana Thomas

John Thomas and his true love
his daughter Lana

        Seven 'planets' in Scorpio is a powerful package, no matter where it falls in the chart. Even John's name carries a Scorpionic undercurrent in some circles.

        Whenever planets 'line up' together, it ramps up the energy, like several tributaries all flowing into a single river. John has his Pallas (an asteroid), Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Ceres (another asteroid) and Venus all in Scorpio. Taken together these add to the collective volume. It also makes interpretation of the stellium more complex, with overlapping issues linked to a central core or repeating theme. In John's case his stellium of Scorpionic planets falls in the 11th and 12th houses, of friends and associates (11th), & solitude and behind-the-scenes support (12th). It is the latter of these two that we will be exploring here.

        As a rule, Scorpio energies tend to be private and secretive. Theirs are subterranean waters. They react powerfully to life's call from deep within, where few can see. Scorpio's prefer to hide their emotions and personal preferences, thereby fortifying their defenses. What others don't know can't be emotionally manipulated and used against them.

        Our favorite arachnids prefer it that way.

The 12th house

John's 11th and 12th house

        With Scorpio planets in the 12th house, these themes are accentuated as the mutable WATER sign Pisces' natural home is here, adding to the fixed WATER sign energy of Scorpio. WATER, WATER everywhere. This can translate as deep emotional sensitivity. People with planets in the 12th house don't like to draw attention to themselves. In the animal kingdom these can be creatures of the night who scurry for the shadows, hiding from the Sunlight's harsh light. Metaphorically, this can also mean that they shy away from people and crowds. All this WATER helps feed their intuition and they 'tune in' to the environments around them. Given the choice, they would far rather surrender to peace and serenity in lieu of the hubbub of noise, traffic and activity.

        One of John's favorite ways of manifesting this theme was to spend as much time as he could alone in nature. His daughter Lana says that growing up he even preferred the woods to people. He loved to bike through the trees, and it was in this manner he saw the mountain lions. But he also had learned to just sit still for hours, becoming invisible (a favorite 12th house activity), blending into his environment and merging with Nature, chameleon-like. In this way he would watch the salamanders for hours, or observe wild boar and their offspring as they made their way through the trees, unaware of his presence.

Boar family

Boar family in the woods

Blue bellied lizards

A blue bellied lizard and mate

        He did this so well he came home with tales of blue bellied lizards. There was a favorite log he would either hike or bike to, and there he would sit. He sat so still that these little friends would actually climb his arm as he watched them. You'd have to ask John if they were aware of each other's presence or not. He loved to become one with his environment, allowing it to course through and around him, bathing him in the peace and tranquilility he sought in Nature.

        As a Scorpio, there's a vibrational link lizards share with the sign, and John felt them to be a spirit ally. While watching Tommy (our cat) while we were gone, he had a bit of an issue with Tommy's hunting of his tailess friends, but for us he momentarily put his personel opinions aside and took good care of our wiskered companion anyway.

        Another manifestation of these 12th house influences is that these people help from behind the scenes, quietly and silently. Not only do they assist, but at their best, they will have taken care of it before you had even known it was an issue. John has been tucking both Lisa and myself under his wing for years now, being here at the house while we were away dealing with ailing parents on the east coast, teaching Tommy to do the backstroke in the bathtub while we were gone (a running joke), doing landscaping and carpentry repair around the property, building speciality cupboards for Lisa in the kitchen and a bed for the camper. The image that keeps poping into my head is seeing him from the second story of the house as he worked, trimming back the acacia trees.
Tree Ent


Only his head was poking up through the upper canopy, and as he looked around, he looked like a great Ent, a huge tree-spirit with this little head, big shoulders and a huge body, momentarily checking out his path before ambling down across the property.

        While I was away on various road trips he would accompany Lisa on hikes down Big Sur or attend various musical gigs together. John has been there for both of us, over and over again, as a mentor, guide, wise soul and dear, dear friend.

        He even owned his own VW bus and helped me work through many issues with my buggy, (not that 30 year-old VWs ever have issues). You name it.

        The rise and fall of his chest seems to be strong and regular now, if a little raspy. He has been sleeping through most of the day. The strokes have done their damage and his body is paralysed. The hands that have crafted so much for so many lay quietly at his side. The morphine has given a serenity the woods once provided.

        The doctor feels as though we are close. Hospice will not be needed.

        Your prayers at this time would be greatly appreciated for a truly sweet, sweet soul preparing for his passage.


Big Sur- a favorite destination

        God Bless you John.

        And thank you my friend, for everything.

        Post script-

        John Thomas severed his connection with his mortal shell a little before 8:00, Sunday morning, October 9th, 2011 in Santa Cruz.

        (Lisa said as she closed her eyes, lit a candle and said a prayer, she saw him sailing across the Ventana's, Big Sur's 'windows to the west,' with a great big grin on his face yelling "Yahoo!!" a la Slim Pickins in Dr. Strangelove.)

        Anyone wishing to contribute to John's $1000 crematorium bill, please mail your donations, however small, to:

        John Thomas fund
        260 McGivern Way
        Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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