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  Week of September 30th - October 6th,  2011

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(Or is it?)

        With all the legal confrontation occurring in Congress right now, the celestial stellium in Libra is no surprise. Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Juno and (with this last lunation) the Moon have all gathered together to sit in counsel. Republicans and Democrats locked embraced in an endless dance, caught in the web between a shady past and unpredictable future, the eternal yin and yang.

        The Sun 'returns' to this time of the year by definition, but not the other planets. Anything that is an annual event is governed by the Sun. Your birthday, my birthday, New Year's Day, the Great Pumpkin- anything marked on a specific date qualifies. Celestially speaking our seasonal theme is one of balance, alignment and peace. According to Libra, Equilibrium is what life strives for.

        As a result, Libras often strive with the external world, attempting to put 'peace' in its place, whether that be in their homes, their work spaces, or in their partners. If we're lucky, their equilibrium urges generally manifest themselves in acts of social justice for the community, where everybody benefits.
Blowing the Ram's Horn

The Ram's Horn, in an annual event

When any of the FIRE sign rulers are found in Libra (the Sun, Mars or Jupiter), there can be a tendency to push peace, to champion a Crusader charge (preferably to restore some lost social or spiritual harmony), whether its welcome or not. Yin planets in this sign don't push to correct the world, but simply attempt to find peace within.

        Libra is half of the Aries-Libra axis. It's you and me and how we are doing. Aries is the focus of the equation, Libra the reflection. Judaism takes this reflection to the highest level and asks, how do you stand in balance with the Divine? Rosh Hashanah literally means 'the start of the year.'

        But I thought that Aries was the start of the year, not Libra, you might inject.

        And you'd be right! Aries is the start of the year, astrologically speaking. But the Sun is in Libra right now, not the Moon!
John Lennon for peace

A Libran flashing us
the peace sign

The Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar, not a solar calendar. It uses the Moon as its tabulator, its calculator, its chronometer. How did the people of antiquity qualify their months, making them different from each other?

        By focusing on the Full Moon, the sign (or constellation) opposite the Sun. And what sign is the Full Moon in this month?

        Aries, the sign new beginnings.

        In a Lunar Calendar system, the start of the year is just the opposite of what we would think because it's not what we're used to. We generally re-align ourselves with these rituals, slip back through the year into our old ways, and then re-align with the Divine again the following year. Think of it as a yearly inspection. Much of the Hebrew Bible is represented by this getting into alignment with God and then falling out again. Kings is a good example of the spiritual report card on how each ruler 'scored.

Jimmy Carter for peace

Another Libran flashing us
the peace sign

        So, this is the time of year to look outside of yourself and see what others think of you. Their reflections are stronger now. From this panorama of opinion, we are supposed to sit in council (AIR) with ourselves and think about which would be best for us, and then move in that direction, hopefully meeting somewhere in the middle.

        May peace be with you.


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