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  Week of September 16th - September 22nd,  2011

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Rice Crispies boys

The 'time to wake up' boys!

  There's an electricity in the AIR, and it's been growing for some time now.

  As we move from Pisces to Aquarius, there's a shift in the quality of vibration as we move from one to the other. Pisces is a WATER Sign, Aquarius an AIR Sign. The shape of civilization, and for those on the planet, is noticeably changing.

  We're moving from the dream time (Pisces) to 24/7 (Aquarius). The vibration of the latter is growing stronger, the pulse easier to identify.

  AIR Signs deal with societal concerns, of how we relate to each other. There is an emphasis on knowledge, communication and information, with new technologies and networks leapfrogging each other with so many new improvements that the ability to incorporate updates are now built in as part of the system, standard.

  Change, indeed.

  All this is in-coming. It will continue to finesse the media stream in ways we are only just beginning to understand. You're viewing this column in an electronic format now.

  It sure didn't start out that way.

Water and Air

when mixed together

  From the number crunching schemes of the Germans and the Brits during World War II, to file-card data entry in the '60s, dos in the '70s, desktops, laptops, phones, i-this, that, and everything else...

  And we haven't even really started yet. This is the only the beginning of a whole new way of being.

  But together with this excitement and electricity will come many radical breaks with tradition, and, as a rule, this sentiment has not always been well received by the prevailing administration.

  As we move more into Aquarius, the natural vibration is that people will have control over the airwaves. Governments and societies have traditionally played the media to give it their own particular spin. They are able to put in place a psychological filter that homogenizes everyone's point of view, bending it to their advantage. The emotional element is controlled from the faucet.

  The problem is, the new technologies are helping the people to communicate with one another. Governments don't fight wars. The people fight wars. As a rule, people generally don't want to fight and die for political advantage, they just want to live their lives, raise a family and make a living.

  Naturally, the government is well aware of this, and the natural countermeasure is by placing legal constraints on the various electronic layers.

New Age

The Sky Above,
The Earth below?

  The more one identifies the Aquarian vibration- in themselves, in others, in countries that have Aquarius in their birth charts- the more one understands where it is that we are heading, as a planet and as a people. In the same manner that these computer technologies have helped change the landscape, so too will it revolutionize the way we think and interact with each other in the future.

  "If legend is to be believed, with the birth of this New Age, the weather patterns will unleash their fury and cause us to listen once more carefully to the Earth's voice and power. Gaia will get up, shake, take a couple of rotations and settle down again in a more relaxed and vitalized manner.

  We will better remember our relationship with both her and each other, if as though awakening from a long, disturbing winter's nap.


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