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  Week of August 19th - August 25th,  2011

October Count Down

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MC inconjunct prog Mars

MC in green, Mars in red,
with the more pleasant planet aspects in yellow

  Looking at the map of the US of A, attempting to better understand some of the economic malaise that has hit the country, October stands out as a force to be reckoned with. We looked at these alignments in our April 15th, 2011 edition of the WEB, but we stand a little closer to the exact alignment now than we did then, and generally speaking, as we get closer to the aspect, we should begin to see some of its themes beginning to take shape.

  The first aspect occurs on October 15th as both the progressed MC and Mars inconjunct each other. Quick interpretation: anger at the president and/or Congress over the economy and how it is being handled. This will be especially coming from the blue collar, working class sector and those looking to secure health benefits for themselves. While the Midheaven (MC) can be any administrative, governing body, my guess here is that it will be the president that is taking a real hit in the opinion poles.

  The other alignment is exact on October 31st as the Sun squares the progressed Uranus in Gemini on the Descendant. With the Sun in the 3rd (Gemini's natural home), Uranus in Gemini, and Uranus the ruler of the 3rd house, a computer crash or dissemination of important information is highly possible. We're getting ready to find out some things through our media services that come as quite a shock, although many will have suspected for a long time.

  This could be another WikiLeaks type event, where we find out more about ourselves than we really wanted to know.

  But at the same time these two significant aspects are happening, there is also a string of aspects that would generally considered to be favorable. On October 21st, progressed Mercury will trine the natal Mars, on the 30th, progressed Mercury will sextile progressed Venus, and on November 3rd, progressed Venus will sextile natal Mars. It is my personal observation that when you get two series of aspects like this, both happen, as opposed to the two of them canceling out each other. Also, the main alignment of these three, of Mercury trining the natal Mars, triggers a Mars located in the US 7th house. What that means is that this alignment is benefiting the 'other guy,' not the US. In the political arena, this would be the Republicans.
Che Revolution


On the world wide stage, this would signal some other country or trading partner. Mercury trining Mars is interesting and stimulating conversation, of the network wires buzzing with activity and chatter, of innovative and accurate information laying a foundation for future events. But since the trine is to the 7th house, someone else is gaining the advantage of the information.

  But there is one other option that could play out here, and that is a people's revolution. The Halloween Solar square to Uranus is a disruptive, unexpected hit from out of left field, where the lid comes off and the facts are viewed and acted on. Revolutions are by nature unpredictable events constructed on shaky foundations.

  Think nitro-glycerine.

  The question is, in what corner is this bomb hidden, what is its nature, and who is going to come out of it with black-face and wisps of smoke curling up from their wide-eyed surprise.


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