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  Week of August 12th - August 18th,  2011

Extra Shot of Mars

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The Lord and His Domain

The Lord
and His Domain

  While working with intuitive guidance recently, the question came up, what could you do if you were going to give a presentation (or whatever), and you wanted a little extra shot of Mars. Make a list of the ways you might 'boost' your planetary potential was the request.

  I found the question to be fascinating and began to list the many different ways planetary energy might be leveraged. Of course, the first and most obvious way would be to simply wait for a Mars transit or progression to a significant point in your chart. Mars supplies us (all things considered) with a little boost of adrenaline. Under it's influence we tend to feel stronger and more energized, more confident and willing. The personality characteristics of Mars are caught beautifully by the myths, and the many curious tales that are handed down to us reflect the celestial personalities reflected in human form.

  Another way to boost your Mars would be through Astro*Carto*Graphy, or any of the many cartographic (mapmaking) services that are offered by many various astrological companies now. By moving to a Martial line you'll find that, again, you're actions are more pronounced. Becoming physically stronger, working on construction (hammering and banging), or focusing on professional pursuits are all possible, but these are generally more long term solutions and would not be practical in short-term situations.



  Another 'goose' of energy quite popular in India among Hindu astrologers is working with gemstones. Rubies are obviously a Martial stone, and wearing them about your person, whether as necklaces, rings, earrings and other apparel can provide 'magical' qualities to the wearer. The original purpose of these stones was more balancing and tonifying than ornamental.

  Right next door to gems are the vibrations of the different spectrums of light, which may be tuned by a stone's facet, or drawn from the Sun's light by capturing a prism's ray. This is a new way for most folk of looking at healing, but it was said to have been in use among the Atlantians. Of course, we're already aware of vitamin D.

  And then there's sound healing. Tibetan bowls have a very long and sacred tradition practiced in the temples. There's the rhythmic chants of the native drum on different continents. Tuning forks resonant with properties we still fully fail to comprehend. Both bowls and tuning forks can be attuned to specific frequencies to stimulate healing. And of course, music has always been the key to the soul, through various healing CDs the Music of the Spheres, (according to Kepler), or even favorite albums. Classically, think Mars and you're thinking Wagner's Ride of the Valkeries or Holst's Mars.

My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martian

  These are a few of the categories under which a "little extra shot" might be boosted, but be warned. Extra Mars is extra Mars, and that can mean being a little too pushy, belligerent, and forceful, constantly picking fights. People become subjective under Mars. Their confident and stronger because they are seeing it from their own point of view, and they can really get behind that.

  Each planet, each sign and each constellation has a high side and a low side, a heads and a tail, a yin and a yang. At times Mars can appear as very sexy. At times it can be over-bearing and forceful, narrow-minded and egocentric. Before you seek to go adding some extra 'Mars' in your life, you should examine your own chart and determine whether or not that's the right path for you. If you are one who is traditionally already full of confidence, then even more confidence might not be a good thing.

  For instance, it might not want to take on the entire Mongol Army by charging right up the middle of their ranks single-handedly.

  Call for back-up first.


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