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  Week of August 5th - August 11th,  2011

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Going Down

  The news is all over the media, the market has taken its biggest single day plunge. The bill to raise the debt ceiling has stripped social services.

  What do the stars say?

  Remember the Grand Cardinal Cross kicking in through the spring? The planets have lined up again.

  We stand at another one of those celestial thresholds, when two major alignments occur at the same time. In this case both a Grand Cardinal Cross and Grand Water Trine will coincide, bathing the Earth in several strong waves of activity.

  A Grand Cardinal Cross is when dramatic events unfold, cutting a broad swath across the grain of convention, new regimes emerge, new dynasties triumph. Pioneering paths prevail. This is not generally a time when the status quo does well.

  The four cardinal signs are Aries, Caner, Libra and Capricorn. Right now there is planetary activity in the early degrees of each of these signs, forming a great cross in the skies as seen from the Earth. Of course, we're generally only able to see half of this Cross at any one time.

Solar winds

Solar Winds Kissing the Earth

  Here's a list of whose's where in the current grand scheme of things.

  The asteroid Ceres is now at 0 degrees of Aries, while Uranus is at 4 degrees of the same sign. Mars has just entered Cancer at 1, the asteroid Juno and Saturn are at 2 and 12 degrees Libra, and finally Pluto ties it all together at 5 degrees of Capricorn.

  This configuration, because it has so many players, will 'discharge' over time as each alignment approaches exact, like a canoe passing through a stretch of white water. Tuesday (Mars square Uranus) and late Wednesday (Mars oppose Pluto) will be among the most powerful of these waves. If things are really getting churned up for you at these times, I suggest that you may have planets in your natal chart at these early degrees of the cardinal signs.

  Uranus in Aries suggests revolutionary times, when circumstances transition fast, and 'power to the people' becomes more meaningful.

Legal scales II

Are things in balance?

  Mars in Cancer is not a happy camper. Mars is in its fall in this sign. Cancer represents emotional bonds and attachments, which often fail to kowtow to the rhymes of reason, no matter their purity. Emotions ebb and flow by nature. When heated sentiments (Mars) take the gut as a guide, the results can sometimes be less than spectacular.

  With Saturn in Libra, Time is in short supply. The legal system should pull it's weight. Because Saturn is in its exaltation here, this will actually help to strengthen the bond for those who can pull together over time.

  Pluto in Capricorn is where the power house is in this alignment, pulling the economic strings from behind the corporate screens. What we are continuing to watch is political theater. With Pluto in Capricorn, the tightening of our economic policy is putting the burden on the poor and widening the gulf between the have's and the have-not's.

  Early Friday morning is the best place a positive new vision, a prayer, for what can be. This collapse is given us the chance to put it back together, but in a way not motivated by greed.


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