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  Week of July 29th - August 4th,  2011

Born to Roll

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Ready to Rock 'n' Roll

  Throughout the course of last year, we watched as lunation after lunation, Full Moon after Full Moon occurred in the 27th, 28th or 29th degrees of their respective signs each month. This is out of a possible 30 degrees that run from zero (the first degree) to 29. The 30th degree is where the sign energy flips over into the new sign and vibration; for instance, 29 degrees of Cancer becomes 0 degrees of Leo, the 29th degree of Scorpio becomes zero degrees of Sagittarius, etc. Last year was part of a pattern of end game scenarios, completing chores, projects and tasks, putting away the tools, taking a break and getting ready of the new energy to take off.

  This New Moon on Saturday the 30th at 2:38 PM is not one of those. Instead the theme is hitting youthful degrees, birthing new themes of Creation to be crafted and molded, raised and blessed. As this column was initiated, zero degrees of Sag was rising, squaring the Mercury Neptune opposition at zero Virgo and zero Pisces, finishing with a natural square to the 7th house cusp or descendant. This same rising sign (zero Sag) trines the asteroid Ceres at zero Aries (Ceres in Aries- I like it.) and Venus at zero degrees of Leo. Essentially we have a Grand Mutable Cross forming a big 'X' wrapping itself around the chart, with a Grand Fire Trine forming a big triangle at the same time, all forming on zero degrees. Naturally in celestial circles, the question always boils down to "What does it all mean?"

The patterns of nature

The patterns of nature

  Something new is brewing, but at this point it may be too young to see, still in its infantile, none defined phase.

  Zero degrees of any of the sign has some of the same potential of the oval egg of goose, chicken or Robin. That it has been born is easy to see, but turn it upside down and except for minor blemishes on the shell itself, it looks like so many other eggs with few distinguishing characteristics. But also like the egg, this is life getting ready to take off and fly, packed with fuel, first by cracking through the shell of its limited surroundings, and then by discovering its and learned about its environment.

  By examining our celestial components now and through the weekend we find that communications are being emphasized, but they may not be clear communications, or we may not like what we hear. Some folk are simply contemplating significant changes and are examining the immediate path ahead. You may not be able to see very far down the trail (Neptune), but follow your intuition and simply take it one step at a time. It's as though the path is shrouded in fog. You may see the immediate steps in front of you, but not your destination or where the path is leading you. You may have to set out without a map, clear directions or a final answer. Go over the pieces, mull on them for a while, and then come back to it later. How you really feel about it should become clearer to you. This is a highly intuitive exercise (with Neptune involved), and know ahead a time that you may not be able to gather all the information you need for clear judgement, a logical answer. Mercury opposing Neptune came be fuzzy ideas, news or information coming from others. They simply may not get back to you.

  It's amazing sometimes how the silence can scream at you.


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