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  Week of June 24th - June 30th,  2011

Aquarius Rising

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  We are heading into the Age of Aquarius. Most everyone knows that, especially if you're a regular reader of this column. But Aquarius is a wild card, a loner who likes to do things 'their way.' Socially it can represent revolution, which is not an easy outcome to predict. As people they are folk who stand apart from the crowd, studying alternative routes the main stream tends to overlook or ignore. They attempt to draw attention to their work, crying 'Over here, over here!', but should the crowd ever acutually show up, the Aquarian tends to move on, discovering some new althernative and shouting, 'Over here, over here!'

  As we look to the future, we often look at the high side of Aquarius, noting their team work orientation, of how friendly they can be, their fascination with the stars and science, and of how intelligent they are. Aquarians are generally excellent with blueprints and systems analysis. Of course, if you have planets making hard aspects to your Aquarian positions, this can mean that you have problems with these same issues. Each sign of the zodiac has a high side and a flip side, and Sun signs don't always guarentee a positive outcome.

Viva la Revolution

Viva la Revolution

  Having related some of our contemporary interpretations of Aquarius, let's step into Mr. Peabody's time capsule now and set the dial for seventeen centuries ago, and see what Firmicus Maternus* had to say about this sign. The Bible tells us that God made man in his own image. Astrology says that this 'image' is our reflection of the cosmos at the moment of birth. Some of the themes of the Age of Aquarius may be seen reflected in the personality characteristics of individuals. What clues might be found in these ancient idiosyncrasies?

  "If the ascendant is in Aquarius, whatever the native attains will be lost and ruined; whatever he seeks he will lose again, but whatever he has lost he will regain easily. He will do favors for many and help them with means of subsistence, but they will always be ungrateful. He will be in great danger so that his life is despaired of, but he will be freed by protection of the gods. Many men will attack him with fierce hatred. He will work with divine or religious writings and will be known to many for his good deeds...

  "He will travel from one place to another and, if he is low born, will carry on servile occupations; but afterwards, affairs will turn out prosperously for him. He will have misfortunes in early life concerning wife and children, but later fortune will come to him from the notice of others. If the descendant is in Leo, he will quarrel with his wife; he will be married to an old or unworthy woman, or one who has been detected in various love affairs; and he will be plotted against by his own people. Enemies will rise up against him suddenly but he will overcome them with his courage and strength...

  "The divine Aesculapius, sprung from a divine race and taught by the revered power, left the renowned theory which is embodied in this work. Because of our mortal and earthly nature we do not deserve to be taught by such teachers. Therefore we shall follow the footsteps of divine men, and write only what has been handed down by tradition."

  Naturally, there are distinctions between whether your Sun Sign, Ascendant, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars is in Aquarius, as to where this energy is implemented in your life, but the underlying themes are the same. We now stand at the dawn of a New Age, and we are watching some of the 'misfortunes of early life' unfolding all around us as we get ready to welcome the entry of the new king.

  *Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice, Firmicus Maternus, The Mathesis of Firmicus Maternus, Noyes Classical Studes, pp. 161-162.


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