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  Week of June 17th - June 23th,  2011

Divine Healing

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The Roman centurian

The Roman centurian

  Jesus was a healer. Other than walking on water, calming the winds of a storm and resurrection, he is chiefly remembered from pulpits around the world for his healing abilities. Matthew 8 is a good example of this, which opens by his healing of a leper, then the Centurion's servant and Peter's mother-in-law, but it didn't stop there. From verses 16-17,

  "That evening they brought him many who were possessed by devils. He cast out the spirits with a word and cured all who were sick. This was to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah: He took our sickness away and carried our diseases for us."

  Not bad for a day's work.

  This was the heavenly endorsement of the time. While Christianity marks the advent of the Age of Pisces in the West, it is the Pisces/Virgo polarity for which we strive. For proper health, there needs to be balance between the two. The miracle of the feeding of the multitudes is performed with two fish (Pisces) and five loaves of bread. The bread comes from the sheaf of wheat the Virgin holds. Jesus is teaching us (giving a sermon) about the essential power of Heaven's capabilities. We have been a culture dipped in the themes of Pisces, of turning the other cheek, of being humble, of turning within to establish our connection with the divine. This has been an Age of Faith. But we STRIVE for the themes found in Virgo, of taking ignorance (Pisces) and attempting to educate (Virgo), of having good health and working for the greater good. We're all workers (Virgo) in the Lord's vineyard (Pisces). We can see some of this Piscean shyness as Jesus instructs the leper not to tell anyone about the cure (which the leper in his excitement promptly ignores). Jesus is not looking to aggrandize his accomplishments. Pisces does not like the limelight.

Celestial Fish

Heavenly Fish

  Jesus is a healer. Through faith he is demonstrating what is needed to become whole.

  But this was a new vibration in its youth at that time. The Age of Aries, ruled by Mars the God of War, was burning out, winding down. The themes of this earlier epoch marked a period of martial supremacy. Those waiting for the new Messiah erroneously felt that he would repeat the earlier model. For all but the prophets it was what the people knew and were familiar with. Jews were looking for the pattern to repeat. They expected another King David, their champion from an earlier time, one who would carve out an empire at the head of a victorious army (Aries), not wind up dead on a cross (Pisces).

  It was a rude awakening.

King David

King David

  Just as David was appropriate for his time, so Jesus was appropriate to his. But these same heavenly markers that endorsed both David and Jesus continue to migrate. While the Pisces/Virgo polarity was young and strong it's what we tuned into and learned from as a civilization. It's the reason Jesus tells one would-be follower to let the dead bury the dead.

  The Age of Aries was done. The rituals, associations and essence of the previous Age were fading fast.

  Now it's two thousand years later and it is the Age of Pisces that is winding down. Those that are held aloft by this vibration are losing their steam. While Jesus took no remuneration for his healing work, that is not the way the health care industry works today.

  This is what it means when we say the pillars of the Age are crumbling. The superstructure that these pillars held up is becoming undermined- old, weak, and diseased. It is now a cancer on our political system. The spiritual impetus which began so strongly two thousand years ago has 'evolved' into the medical system we know today. What it has gained in technique it has lost in morality.

  This is not a new theme. You have heard this sentiment here in the WEB over and over again. Healing is no longer the star that guides the medical establishment- money is.

crumbling pillars

Crumbling Pillars

  Now hear it in words that express it far better than I can. It is not an isolated case, it's part of the government regulated business model of our day. Say hello to the FDA.

  This link will only be good until the 20th of June. For this reason I am running this article in both the Moon Mail and weekly column. Time is short for the free-be link, although it is already available on Netflix. If you have a mind to, please check it out prior to that date. It's worth the investment.

  As we move into Aquarius, we are beginning to take the responsibility for our own personal health. The need for the earlier outmoded medical system will begin to fall away. The link shows what can be done when healing, and not the medical establishment's personal financial security, is the eventual goal.

  Having seen the presentation, ask yourself this question.

  What would Jesus do?


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