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  Week of May 6th - May 12th,  2011

The Owl has Landed

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Chief Seattle

Cheif Seattle

  "Whatever befalls the Earth
befalls the sons of the Earth.
Man did not weave the Web of life;
he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the Web,
he does to himself."

        -Chief Seattle

  We now stand at a moment in time when life is changing. I mean, really changing. The paradigm for our financial, educational, health care, political and even weather pattern systems are unfolding in explosive ways on the nightly news. While some focus on a specific date for this transition, take a step back and look at the change now occurring all around you. The shift from one epoch to another is not an overnight affair, any more than day shifts into night in an instant. There's this whole transition period known as twilight. These are huge changes, impacting the various roots of our vast civilization.

  People seem to feel as though the days are speeding up, and in a variety of fashions, they are. It is not so much what can be measured on the clock, as how much we're packing into those same units of time. The Pisces vibration, the epoch now fading, is more dreamlike in nature. It's a sense of no time, or time not existing. Like characters on a chessboard, our imagination captures the chivalry of the knights of old, the purity of damsels in distress, the courage of heroes launching themselves into the deep, the tender vulnerability of the blossom, poised on the precipice, all within reach of a powerful slithering serpent just below.

Middle dreams

The playground
of imagination

  We're moving into Aquarius with it's instantaneous information, sliced and diced into multiple channels, browsers, tweeters, YouTubes and email. You think, maybe, the vibration is a little bit different?

  Pisces likes being one with the ocean, swept by the power and majesty of its limitlessness stretching from horizon to horizon. Or Pisces can be simply putting your feet up and playing the couch potato, carried along by the craft of the your author's imaginative quill.

  Dreams to go.

  Aquarius also represents that same limitlessness, but through the vastness of space and across time. It is the galaxies, black holes and beyond. Both Neptune and Uranus (the rulers of Pisces and Aquarius) are outside the orbit of Saturn (beyond the grasp of Time). Neptune mirrors this as we go to sleep at night. An instant later, eight hours have elapsed and it's time to get up. What time?

  Uranian time (or its lack) is different. When one sits down in front of the electronic altar, time disappears. A moment can go by as we GPS some foreign address. Instantly the path is illuminated. But you can also sit down for just a moment and suddenly its four in the morning. Where did the time go, save into an electronic haze?

computer screen

You are feeling sleepy...

  As one epoch shifts into another, we are watching the pillars of Pisces beginning to crumble. They are crumbling because they are old, outworn, and for the most part, corrupt. That is what is changing. We're losing our health care system, because our health is getting ready to improve. Our educational system is getting ready to collapse, because we are about to embark on a whole new way of teaching and learning. The financial system is getting ready to collapse because the era of debt borrowing will be over, allowing people to climb out of debt forever. The corruption is on its way out, and 'the people' will be happy to see them go. Those who are left behind will begin to treat each other with dignity and respect. Technology will become the new working class, but it will be a society bereft of caste (class) distinction and discrimination. Differences, of whatever social orientation or background, will be treated with wonder, curiosity and interest instead of suspicion and greed; to celebrate freedom, individuality, and the joy of life, without stratification, isolation, judgement or guilt.

  It will be a time when we'll be back in touch with our own divinity, our own centers.

  Like those.

  That's what legend suggests the New Age will bring.


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