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  Week of Apr 29th - May 5th,  2011

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financial crisis

The financial downturn

  We stand on the edge of a vibrational transition. We are moving from an old way of being to a new one. In recent years we foresaw the financial devastation that was coming, and in 2007 spent twenty weeks from March to October attempting to warn folks about the fiscal crisis that was looming in 2008 when the housing crash led the way to the current economic malaise. In 1995 we warned of an earthquake that would shiver our timbers within a five hour window and nailed Kobe. As physics tells us, energy is never lost, it is merely transformed. The same is true here.

  The overriding theme is that we stand at the end of the Age of Pisces and the start of Aquarius. Piscean qualities are fading, while Aquarian energies are becoming more luminous. We are seeing the cracks in the pillars of what has sustained society for approximately the last two thousand years. More recently, in the experiment known as democracy education of the people was given a high priority, a huge headache for those in power now attempting to maintain the status quo. But as a subset to the transition of the Ages, Pluto, our outermost planet, has been slowly making its way through the sign Capricorn, and those in the government (and behind the government) have been receiving a final vital knowing push of conservatism, and this is indeed their time. Many of the battles now being fought at the legislative level will continue to strip away our individual freedoms, from freedom of speech and the internet to the labelling of what goes into our foods. This is all a part of a comprehensive attempt to squeeze out the middle class in an effort to polarize a system of haves and have-nots.

next door neighbors

Capricorn and Aquarius

  You are one of the have-nots- whatever country you live in. Our grandchildren are being saddled with debt that they had no part in, their public education standards are being lowered (you're not supposed to understand all this), teachers are being vilified as a class making too much money, our food quality is being diminished, our political system corrupted and our personal health squandered. The anti-nuclear protests of the '70s were largely ignored, even though they warned of the radioactive problems we are now having to contend with. It's not over. As the planet gets ready to adjust our ways of thinking for us, we are the ones who will be left to clean up the mess, and it will not be easy nor quick. But the important part will be that it will begin, and we will willingly work together toward a mutually beneficial common goal.

  For the immediate future, running through at least the next four years, we will continue to watch as fear and security measures are used as incentives to control the people. As the law of supply and demand kicks into gear, increasing demand will fuel extreme measures to obtain diminishing resources. The fiscal and political corruption will continue to run the show (Pluto is yet working its way through Capricorn), and it's all being motivated by those flying the banner of capitalism and financial gain. What does making more money have to do with good governance? Become a part of the corporate machinery, and you will be taken care of for the short term. Stand up for individual freedoms, and you will be persecuted. Debtors prison is about to make a ghostly return.

governmental control

Setting up legislative boundaries

  As Aquarius draws closer (currently we're looking at the spring of 2015), the angst between Capricorn and Aquarius is growing stronger; planetary transit or Age-old marker.

  The following represent a few glimpses of this transition in the process of unfolding. The Age of Pisces was right for its time, but that time is passing.

  We'll begin with the educational paradigm first with Ken Robinson, then we'll take a look at your dietary intake and health in Foodmaters. The Cove is another hard hitting documentary illustrating the essence of corporate greed and the way we treat intelligent, loving beings in the seas. Both of these documentaries may be currently watched on Netflix as part of their instant cue. Check them out.

  Politics and the historical background to our current condition may be observed as this country fought the Revolutionary War in an effort to break the financial ties with England. And finally, in a comprehensive look at the role of money across the centuries and leading to the fiscal system currently in place.

Gulf oil disaster

The Gulf disaster

  The upside to all of this is that the current repressive measures will actually flush the changes that the administration is so desperately seeking to avoid.

  Our Gulf has been filled with oil, European air traffic has been shut down in a day. Weather and storm extremes are becoming weekly news. Just yesterday a tornado a mile wide touched down in the South killing hundreds. Earthquakes will continue to grow in intensity, with increased radioactivity permeating the planet.

  Are we done yet?

  Not by a long shot. In a few places around the world, the people are beginning to stand up for themselves and their future, and as the oppression grows stronger, it will serve to fortify the wills of those who see the truth of what is happening and finally decide that enough is enough.

  The time is coming when we will stop playing their game. War and polarization are not the answer, and fighting for peace leads to the wrong conclusions. Education, intelligence, and communication are all part of the incoming vibration and we have seen what they can do. We must work to keep these channels open and free so that we can pass the word and stand together, for the elderly for our children and for the planet.

  Of the people, by the people and for the people.

  It's the wave of the future.


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