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  Week of Apr 22nd - Apr 28th,  2011

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Astrologer at work

  Being an astrologer can be a wonderfully interesting experience. Strangers call, supply me with the essential timing details, make an appointment and come out and sit and listen while I tell them about them. Occasionally they inject a question here or there, but I like to reserve their questions for the end of the reading, because that's when I have already looked at the chart, gone over the material, done their progressions and transits, and have a sense about who they are and how their year is shaping up. I have answers before they even ask the questions.

  It's a gas.

  It's rare that people won't like to talk about themselves. Some people don't like to have their pictures taken, others don't like to be made to stand out in a crowd, but most will want to hear about their celestial blueprint and what the stars have in store for them, pro or con.

  And a blueprint it is. It works in the same manner for everybody, with 12 signs, 10 planets and a single circle arranged in different patterns. Everytime somebody comes through that door, they have a new story to tell. I can't say how it is for other astrologers, but I would imagine it is the same. My method of interpretation is to hit the strengths of the chart first, synthesizing their Sun, Moon and Ascendant (the Big Three), and then simply looking at what the chart has to tell me. Is there a stellium involved, a collection of planets all together in one part of the chart? If so, this calls for investiagation and is what wants to be talked about next, etc.

Walking Tall in Big Ellum Texas

Walking Tall in Big Ellum, Texas

  With time, there comes an understanding of how both the planets and people work. I have known many discussions where I have clued in the client to the path the planetary positions would suggest, only to have them tell me why their own reasons are more important. It is often the case that when they report back later that they tell me how their path did not in fact work out in the manner that they had hoped, in spite of their supposed insight and wisdom.

  The same can be said for the media. Listening to the stars after years of close scrutiny, I get a sense of what is the proper path for the days to come, and what is not. Most people have only the news to listen to, whether newspaper, radio or television. The problem with these is that they tend to be biased, and they usually look to the past for tried and true answers.

  Unfortunately, we live in a time of transition and the patterns of the past are, as a rule, not going to be the default suggestions that will work for the future. It's not business as usual. It is a time for us to look to solutions that are not financially based. Educational issues need to base their decisions on getting people education. Health issues need to be based on helping make people healthy. Taking care of the elderly needs to focus on the quality of life. Unfortunately at the moment, these and many other realms are being run by the bottom line.

  The planetary alignments suggest that there are adventurous days ahead. This time is, in part, a chance to see how we treat all of God's children, which is each of us. From New England's winter storms to the fires of Texas, the times are changing. It is our job, as astrologers, to alert people to these changing conditions as we see them.


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