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  Week of Apr 15th - Apr 21st,  2011

Red October

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Hunt for Red October

Hunt for Red October

  With all the events in the news, I thought it would be interesting to check in on the US chart and see what was currently on the horizon.

  October is the month that jumped out by secondary progression, both the 15th and the 31st. Some surprise shots are being fired, and they are either at the President or coming from the administration. The US Midheaven will inconjunct Mars. There's anger, impulse, and a strong potential of just simply being wrong. There's a tear in the ephemeral fabric.

  With the MC currently in Taurus, this could be about the financial direction the country is taking, especially with where the administration is attempting to take us. Since the political field will be well in gear by that time, it could simply be accusations flying back and forth. Either the president, or governmental policy, is made to eat crow. What is said in the spontaneity of the response draws unwanted attention. We're on a collision course here.

  Heated words fly.

  On the 31st the progressed US Sun will square progressed Uranus. Again this could be the political trail, and the surprising reaction by the opposition. We're doing things (Sun) we know not to be true (Uranus). There are fractures and/or disruptions in political or international alliances. Information could come out, as in another major Wikileaks spill. The information (Uranus) may not agree with reality (what is, the Sun). Aberrations on the internet or with electronics are more in evidence at this time, with anything from power outages to hard disk crashes and everything in-between.

power outage in the Northeast US

The electrical web

  But these are not the only alignments at work in October. Progressed Mercury will trine the US Mars (21st), and so new lines of communication, diplomacy, or activism can gain ground and be heard. The opposing side can score some points. About a week after the initial trigger this seems to be the response. This same Mercury is sextiling the progressed US Venus (30th) indicating some good news that continues into early November. Scientific breakthroughs, released information, freedom of speech, and new ways of forming social alliances with those in the world around us are all possible at this time if it is approached with genuine integrity and honesty.

Political banter

Political banter

  Mars is the red planet. October is the month. There is a warning and there needs to be caution in how this is handled. Political banter, we can deal with it. International accusations or affronts, the stakes are higher, the consequences more dire. Crusades that are mounted at this time (15th) with urgency and bravado are likely to be pointed in the wrong direction. Knee-jerk is not a good guide, yet it urges us on.

  The mix of alignments in the latter half of October is initiated by a dramatic event that sets the ball rolling. The more attention it draws, the better our ability to really understand what we're dealing with here in an exchange of ideas in the media forum. The information starts a process rolling that culminates at the end of the month with another dramatic display, but this time from the other side.

  We are about to learn about ourselves, both as a people and as a nation, in an ever unfolding path. Let's see what Red October brings.


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