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  Week of Apr 8th - Apr 14th,  2011

"Every Twenty Years."
          -Thomas Jefferson

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Capitol building closed

Out to Lunch

  The government is getting ready to shut down. This is part of what is meant by the End of an Age.

  The system is crumbling. Get used to it. Stop looking to the government to take care of our problems for us. They're too busy with their own agendas.

  In the drama now unfolding on stage, we are witnessing the degeneration of our ability to take care of ourselves at the administrative level.

  "But we've seen governmental shut downs before," you say.

  Yes, and we will see them again as they increasingly become part of our scenery. It has become evident Congress is going after every social program they can think of, a small fraction of the overall budget, rather than cut back on 'security minded issues' that help 'protect us' from risks that didn't even exist just a short while ago. Risk, risk, risk. Your computer is at risk, your job is at risk, your health is at risk, your money is at risk, your car is at risk, your home is at risk, your ID is at risk, your national security is at risk.



  'Sounds like a broken disk. But look on the bright side. Pharmaceuticals are up.

  Pluto pivots Saturday at seven and a half degrees of Capricorn, about a quarter of his way through this sign. This is the day of hidden financial (Pluto) agendas being run and controlled (Capricorn) by an underground government (Pluto in Capricorn). It is a time, historically, when things are tough and those in power try to fleece the people.

  This nation was born with Pluto at the tale-end of its passage through Capricorn, in the 27th (out of 30) degree. According to Ben Franklin, the economic ties to the motherland and its government was the chief reason for the war. We felt as though there were too many taxes, resulting in a Boston tea party (because the tea was taxed).

  The American people rose up in a great revolt, to break the constraints laid on them. Had it not been for Alexander Hamilton, they might have made it.

Boston Tea Party

Rebelling against taxes

  We are seeing the systematic destruction of the middle class, forcing the gulf between the have's and the have not's to widen. In 2007, the WEB saw entry of Pluto in Capricorn, was a good boy and did his homework, and hopped up and down in series of articles to alert folks to the financial dangers that seemed to loom the following year.

  My editor said I was on a rant. I couldn't know.

  Famous last words.

  The same tactics that were employed during the Great Depression are the tactics being used now.

Great Depression

The Great Depression

  We learn from history, right?

  Take one-third of the money out of the system, and small businesses and family owned establishments begin to dry up. It is not the natural flow of the market, its control of the money supply. It creates lucrative opportunities to purchase banks and bonuses, squeezing out the middle-class.

  They're going after the teachers now.

  All in the name of profit.

  The only problem is that the internet and new methods of communicating with each other had opened up, and all that education democracy is so fond of is finally starting to pay off.

  Educate the people, and we will simply stop playing the game by their rules and begin to do it for the collective benefit.

  The people will learn that they are free.


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