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  Week of Apr 1st - Apr 7th,  2011

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  Now it begins.

  Throughout the course of last year in our Moon Mail, we have been looking at all the end cycles, of the outer planets residing in the late degrees of their respective signs and of the Full Moon's triggering these same degrees each month. The WEB's been saying that we're finishing up a trend, an era, a period of time that was dealing with our end games. It has been a time to get our house in order, to let go of the past and bid it a fond farewell. It has been a time to both honor and prepare to close the circle.

  All that changes now.

  Over the course of this weekend, the Moon and Mars enter Aries, triggering Uranus (which entered this sign of the Ram on March 11th) as the Sun opposes Saturn. On Monday, Neptune enters Pisces, the sign that it rules.

  The celestial angst tightens.

Aries planets

Time marches on

  With these new alignments we begin a new season of activity on the celestial stage, one that will shift the balance from the path behind us to the path ahead. Now and over the next few months we are about to witness the seeds of what our immediate future will hold, and there will be some dramatic manifestations of the explosive nature of these combatants.

  The time of the labor pains to the birth of the New Age begins.

  The water just broke.

  Know that this is not the beginnings of the New Age, per se, but that it is the beginning of the time of real transition. There is a strong likelihood that Japan will be hammered again, in a series of convulsions that simply represent the Earth Mother making adjustments from within, while we have to deal with the effects of what happens without.

Labor pain

Giving birth to a new planet

  As humanity moves from Age to Age, one of the most significant shifts comes in the form of its leadership. As the Earth makes her adjustments, many will come to recognize the errors of those who have guided us, and the wisdom of making money your bottom line, your Earthly destination and guiding star. For too long this has been the axis around which the world has turned, and if fertile river valleys command a better price for prospective home buyers, what matter if they lie in the flood plain? What kind of a system has their people give their lives in service to industry, only to have their homes taken away as terminal illness overtakes them at last? What kind of governance do we have that, as we predicted over and over again in 2007, sweeps money out of the system so that banks would fail, unions (designed to protect the common laborer) broken, and grandchildren saddled with a debt they had no say in or knowledge of? What kind of system builds nuclear reactors on fault lines in the name of power 'too cheap to meter,' when myth and legend suggest this era will end in earthquake?

  Republican vs. Democrat is simply a smoke screen to keep us mentally preoccupied, disengaged from the real issues at hand. It doesn't really matter who is up and who is down on the political stage because it is all being run from behind the scenes (Pluto in Capricorn), while those in the media are simply puppets on a string. Using morality to substantiate a war is like fighting for peace or killing for Christ.

Killing for Christ

Killing for Christ

  You're missing the point.

  Unless your focus is the bottom line.

  Aquarius will awaken the power of the people, to connect, to realize our common humanity, to email, twitter and link to each other and stand in common cause, while the Earth is giving us the downbeat to commence the change, to throw the old off-track, so that the 'people,' learn that we are all living on one planet, breathing the same air, and imbued with the same hopes and goals in life.

  The time of transition has now begun.

  But all that means we are going to see some powerful changes, as radiation slowly begins to bathe the planet.

  The time to stop nuclear power is now, before more earthquakes of even greater magnitude slice through our technological security features like a hot knife through butter.

  How much more to we need to witness, how many more nuclear reactors need to be flummoxed in senselessness before we ignore the lies of our government and demand that they be shut down and dismantled.

  The changes have begun in earnest. How much more do you need to see?


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