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  Week of March 25th - March 31st,  2011

Matriarch vs. Patriarch

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  In a theme we have visited many times before, here is one more demonstration of what it is like when the 'vibration' of an Age changes. There are those that think, because the Mayan calendar and Age of Pisces are coming to an end, that the world is also coming to an end.

Liberty Broken

The End of the World?

  Not so.

  Physics tells us that matter is neither created or destroyed, it simply changes form. Just as one season rolls into the next, we could look at it as the death of winter and the birth of spring, but both winter and spring will roll around again in their turn.

  As the Age of Taurus transitioned into the Age of Aries, a matriarchal way of life ended and a patriarchal path forged ahead. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, while the Sun is exalted in Aries. The Moon represents the feminine, and the Sun the masculine. A feminine way of life gave way to a masculine way of life. Male icons took over from female icons, just as God intended it. Neither was right or wrong. Each simply had its day and time.

  Dr. Gimbutas, author of The Gods and Goddesses of Europe, 7000 - 3500 BC was no astrologer, yet her words perfectly capture this sentiment, drawn from the conclusion of her monumental work. She is looking back on a period of life that has moved on, lamenting the lost gifts of the Goddess, Mother Earth.

Dr. Marija Gimbutas

Ancient themes

  "Some scholars did in the past classify European prehistory and early history into matriarchal and patriarchal eras respectively. 'The beginning of the psychological-matriarchal age', says Neumann, 'is lost in the haze of prehistory, but its end at the dawn of our historical era unfolds magnificently before our eyes' (Neumann 1955 : 92). It is then replaced by the patriarchal world with its different symbolism and its different values. This masculine world is that of the Indo-Europeans, which did not develop in Old Europe but was superimposed upon it. Two entirely different sets of mythical images met. Symbols of the masculine group replaced the images of Old Europe. Some of the old elements were fused together as a subsidiary of the new symbolic imagery, this losing their original meaning.
Ancient Lunar Goddess

Ancient Lunar Goddess

Some images persisted side by side, creating chaos in the former harmony. Through losses and additions new complexes of symbols developed which are best reflected in Greek mythology...

  "The earliest European civilization was savagely destroyed by the patriarchal element and it never recovered..."

  Caught on the conveyor belt of Time, the images changed, as did the relationship between Heaven and Earth. The One is reflected in the other.

Reaching for the Sun

Reaching for the Sun

  The symbols of the masculine group did indeed replace the images of Old Europe, as the assertiveness of the Ram charged ahead, seeking to master the world and its environment. The desire to nurture the Earth, and in turn to be nurtured by the Earth had passed. The rainfall patterns changed, and the civilizations of the river valleys, the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates and Indus all changed and assumed the levels that we know of today. The world turned into a hotter and drier place, at least in these regions, which had normally been the bread baskets of the Mediterranean and Middle East civilizations.

  In the same way, we are now in the beginning stages of a period of transition, leaving behind an old, comfortable way of doing things, while preparing to discover a brave new world.


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