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  Week of March 11th - March 17th,  2011

Connecting the Dots

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  It has long been an established tradition that the role of star gazers was to guide, assist and warn people of Heaven's Will for both the present and future. First, we will step back in time and look at the Druids and their role in determining the days ahead.

Spirit of the Druids

Spirit of the Druids

  "The fires of the Druids lighted on the Neomenia (the New Moon) of the four quarter months', and 'high mountains were assigned for their astronomical observations...

  "Their festivals were generally governed by the motion of the heavenly bodies, was it not necessary that the people should be warned of their approach?'"

  -The Stones of Time, Martin Brennan. p. 23.

  Unlike the Druids, India has maintained a relationship with stellar observation that has continued to this day. The caste system was a division of social distinction that stratified their entire civilization.



  "An astrologer, a member of the Brahmin or priestly caste, sits cross-legged beside his books. According to legend, the priesthood was created to instruct mankind, and occupy the pinnacle of the caste pyramid."

  -The Horizon History of the British Empire, edited by Stephen Sears, p. 138.

  Naturally, any stargazer worth his salt had to be familiar with the night sky and its workings. Here, on the banks of the Tigris-Euphrates, rising before sunrise this nocturnal bund would contemplate the heavenly panorama wheeling above their heads during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar.

  "On the fourth day (of the Spring festival) the priest invokes the constellation of the Ram (Aries), rising three and a half hours before Sunrise, so the stars might still be seen."

  - from the Rites of Bit Akitu

  This notion of observing and pondering the nature of events can even be found in the Mayan tradition. In this case, the dawn that we are waiting for is the Dawn of Creation, but the pattern is the same. While immersed in darkness (the night sky), one checks out the patterns and ponders their meaning. Notice that after they compare notes, they give birth 'beneath the light,' our Dawn.


Monitoring the Skies

  "Then came his word. Heart of Sky arrived here with Sovereign and Quetzal Serpent in the darkness, in the night. He spoke with Sovereign and Quetzal Serpent. They talked together then. They thought and they pondered. They reached an accord, bringing together their words and their thoughts. Then they gave birth, heartening one another. Beneath the light, they gave birth to humanity.
Mayan nobility

A Mayan priest

Then they arranged for the germination and creation of the trees and the bushes, the germination of all life and creation, in the darkness and in the night, by Heart of Sky, who is called Huracan."

  -The opening lines of the Popul Vuh.

  Around the globe, across the seas and throughout time it has been the role of stargazers to look ahead and determine our fate, and then share that information with the public, much as any caring parent would do for their child. This is the role that astrologers have always undertaken, even now as it was in days of old.


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