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  Week of March 4th - March 10th,  2011

Can you feel the crackle?

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  There's electricity in the air. The winds are changing. The patterns are accelerating both politically and meteorologically. The forces are growing.

Electricity in the air

Electricity in the AIR

  Welcome to the threshold of the New Age.

  We are watching history in the making as a true people's movement unfolds in Africa, in lands where people's movements have not been traditionally encouraged. Even the veil on women was lifted that they might join the march. We are watching our own Wisconsin workers and how they are being treated. Are the elements of the 'people' not the same? This is the measuring stick by which the new currency is being gauged. Gaddafi no longer has the support 'of the people.' What is interesting is that Gaddafi himself was born of a revolution whose time had come, and it was fueled largely over the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of his predecessor, King Idris. After taking over the radio station and headquarters with a few junior officers, they managed to hold this position with a mere 48 rounds of revolver ammunition.

  Viva la Revolution!

  Revolutions can be fragile structures, their outcomes uncertain.
Lightning strike

Lightning strikes

The spark of hope found in people turning their attention to the task of meeting social needs and taking care of each other, of rebel groups setting up their own administrative offices because it's the thing to do, not because they are being paid. In a celestial sense, this is what is truly meant by 'of the people, by the people and for the people'.


  When the people returned to their ephemeral duties, there was a spirit of camaraderie that had been fused by the spirit of the rebellion. The Aquarian stellium moving together through the icy waters of January and February initiated the tumult, in a social wave that has spread across Africa like a tumbleweed.

  We are witnessing the birth of a New Age. The surge entering Aries in early April, 2011 will have to find an appropriate channel to work through, as the strength of this new force make its presence known, but staring in 2012 we will begin a series of alignments I have never witnessed before, yet we have described this celestial phenomena under this aegis often. It's called retrograde motion. Welcome to the swinging door of the future.

African electricity

Age of Aquarius meets Africa

  The outer planets generally represent the longer social trends of our society; of what we as a people are into at any given time. Because the outer planets don't move very fast, they traverse a few degrees, and then seem to slow down, stop, and reverse direction as the Earth overtakes their orbital trajectory. Because a complete cycle has to be an odd number, transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto usually complete a full cycle by making aspects once, three or five times to a series.

  Uranus squaring Pluto is a transiting aspect with a great deal of angst. As the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus demonstrates some of the same qualities as our more familiar refrain. Freedom, revolution and independence are all part of the package. In a square to Pluto, this energy is begin uprooted at a very deep level, introducing rapid change in a world that is changing rapidly.

  As Aquarius is being born, the winds of the planet will accelerate, introducing new weather patterns manifesting in different ways, upsetting the traditional seasonal patterns. The power of these changes has been felt for some time. A few of us have been watching. The evidence is everywhere.


Electrical unpredictabilities

  Uranus squaring Pluto will bring those seeking the future into sharp contrast with those looking to protect their deep-rooted securities. But there is something special about this alignment that I have never (to my knowledge) seen before, and that is not once, not three and not five times, but Uranus will square Pluto a total of seven times between June 24, 2012 and March 16, 2015. Like a seasonal storm that deeply stirs the forest and helps to 'quicken a new spring.'

  We have been watching as the planets all played with the late degrees of their respective signs through the course of last year, and we have all been doing our part in the letting go. The first week in April we will begin to catch a real glimpse of what the future holds as powerful forces cross the Vernal Equinox entering Aries and signal a new spring.

  Welcome to the Spring of Hope.


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