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  Week of February 25th - March 3rd,  2011

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  As we wind down on the Age of Pisces, we find the system starting to crumble. This is what generally happens at the end of an Age, at least, according to history. We learn from history, right?



  It befuddles me that folks are still wondering about this. We get hit with storm after storm, the Gulf spills oil for months on end, European air traffic is shut down in a single day by volcanic eruptions, and how many roofs collapsed in New England due to snowfall and heavy rain?

  Something weird is happening.

  What really gets me is when this or that commentator comes on and says, 'Well, we really can't tell if this 500 year storm is attributable to global warming or not.'

  Does your home have to be taken out to both see and feel the impact?

  The times, they are a-changin'. Whether in the weather patterns of the planet (they're going to get worse before they finally get better), or the political shifts that we see, not only in Africa, but here in the US. Wisconsin has drawn a line in the sand, and this will be the first of many in this country. Do you really think that the leaders that are being brought down now in Africa are the only ones guilty of public manipulation? If you expended the elixir of your youth honoring your end of a 30-year contract, wouldn't you expect that when your term was finished, management would honor theirs?

  That is what is happening to Americans in Wisconsin now. The heavenly chorus is starting to sing a new tune, and its name is 'Power to the People.' I won't say who's leading the refrain.

Roof collapse

Roof collapse

  The problem, of course, is that there is not enough money in the system to pay off these pensions, and the recession was the instrument used to 'disencumber' the financial establishment, providing them license to let go of their deadwood and start over. GM just reported major profits after having been 'trimmed' by governmental oversight.

  Throughout 2007, I warned of what was coming in 2008. The financial reigns were intentionally tightened at the top, in exactly the same manner that they were during the Great Depression, with the same results. The people took it on the chin, until WWII cranked out the armaments industry, and there were jobs once again.

Big banking

The big boys watch out for the big boys

  Banks were given money to distribute loans and re-engage the financial supply in 2009. Did the people ever see these increased loans? -No.

  Were the bank execs given huge bonuses at the end of the year? -Yes.

  Doesn't something smell a little fishy to you? Welcome to the end of the Age of Pisces.

  What we are hearing is the birth pangs of a new way of being, of peace being preferred to war, of love and life being preferred to the bottom line, and of teamwork within assisting to bring about the goals without, castrating isolation's polarization.

  The time has come to appreciate people's differences, rather than being horrified by them. Those that would tell you that there's no linkage, that there is no evidence, that we need to do additional studies, are stalling. ALL these events and more are a part of a new way of being getting ready to erupt, big time. It's time to wake up and smell the New Age coffee.

  Is you is or is you ain't part of the team?


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