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  Week of February 18th - February 24th,  2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised-

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  "From northern Africa to the Persian Gulf, governments appeared to flounder over just how to outrun mostly peaceful movements, spreading erratically like lava erupting from a volcano, with no predictable end.                      NYT- 2/16/11

Egyptian revolution

What are the odds?

  The explosive element of the volcano works well, but the celestial imagery would suggest 'Lightning' as a more appropriate metaphor. We are witnessing the most dramatic political electrical storm the mid-East has seen in years.

  It's interesting that the headline for this particular column read "Unrest Spreads, Some Violently, in the Middle East."

  Even though these revolutions have started out as peaceful demonstrations, they can be characterized and labeled in the media as violent. This is unrest? There are two sides to every coin. We can chose to see which ever side we want. Our media generally tends to focus on fear. "If it bleeds, it leads" is the general sentiment.

  While not officially there yet, we have been feeling the energy of Aquarius growing stronger, not only over the decades, but even over the last few centuries. Ages are a large block of time, over two thousand years, and they take time to change. As one Age winds down, another takes it's place, and trends reflecting the new vibration start to become more and more commonplace.

American Revolution

Leaders of the People

  We started with a bang, and this country led the revolution with an Aquarian Moon over two hundred years ago. People look to the US as the mother (Moon) of democracy and freedom, our Aquarian themes, and this is why we must philosophically get in line with our own origins, endorsing Egypt's revolution over our long-time political ally Mubarak.

  The down side, from an astrological point of view, is that these revolutions may take off in directions you didn't fully intend. The American Revolution was fought, won, and set out on a new path and a new future.

  The French Revolution was a little more messy. When all was said and done, they put the monarchy back into place. The Russian Revolution had a still young democracy (us) assisting the losing side.

  Revolutions are not a one-size fits all denomination. The outcome is not necessarily a given.

  Where will lightning strike next?

  As the Aquarian New Age communications begin to bond us together as human beings, all related to one another, on the same planet, breathing the same air, and having the same hopes and dreams as each other, we will begin to disconnect from the old patterns, simply leaving what does not work (at least not well) behind. The interconnected technologies are uniting us in a way not thought possible until now.
Binary philosophy

Built, like it's cousin Gemini, on a binary philosophy

Besides the electronic technology, the New Age will become the proving grounds for a whole host of new ideas, new technology, and most of all, new goals. What is it that we really strive for in life. Retirement? Is that really what life is all about?

  The Age of Aquarius will be birthed by a number of changes in the way we do things. Education and camaraderie are on the horizon, and a revolution will be the social mortar that helps it all adhere together. These are the rocky beginnings of the birth of peace in the land.

  In the US, the people occasionally touch base with their Aquarian roots. Here, with a walk down Memory Lane and a tip of the hat to Gill-Scott Herron (, the revolution will be televised and it will be live.


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