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The New Year

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New Year celebration

Happy New Year!

  The New Year holiday was one of the most sacred holy days of the ancient world. It brought with it the promise of Time begun again, Creation made new. A child is being born, a child whose personality will evolve as the coming year. We think back on 2005, 1944 and 1492 as having different personalities, together with the memories of what happened in those years. This new 'child' will age with the seasons and live a full lifetime within the course of a single cycle, one short turn about the Sun. At the end of that time, one year from now, he will meet a rendez-vous with destiny, where he, his life-force ebbing; now a white-bearded, arthritic old man, standing only with the help of the shaft of his flint sickle, his knees uncertain, his end in sight.

  There's a plump, young l'enfant full of vim and vigor blocking the path immediately before him.

  It will be the last thing he ever sees.

Say a blessing for the year ahead

Say a blessing for the year ahead

  And the Wheel of Life rotates one more Time.

  In the west, we start our New Year shortly after the Winter Solstice with the astronomical re-birth of the Sun as it again begins to ascend Heaven's latitude ladder. This tradition appears to have African roots, via Egypt through Rome. The Chinese begin their New Year with the New Moon in February, while Islamic, Sumerian and many pagan calendars start with the Vernal Equinox in March at the start of Spring. Celtic timekeepers remember their May Day festivities on the 1st.

  Is one right, and another wrong?

  Although falling at different times of the year, they all associated the Dragon with New Year's.

Half-a-Sky Gundestrup Cauldron

Half a Sky?
All we can ever see.

  You find the Center of Heaven by piercing the Dragon on New Year's Day. The Dragon 'guards' (is closest to) the North Celestial Pole, the 'Center' of Heaven.

  No matter what your calendar, if you're working with time, you're working with the relationship between Heaven and Earth. Time is born of the Union of Mom and Dad. Time of day: rotation of the Earth on it's own axis. Time of month: the relationship of the Moon to the Sun. Time of the Year: relationship of the Earth to the Sun...

  Cronos (Time) is the child of Uranos (the starry sky) and Gaia (Earth).

  Always has been.

  The Center is the magical (now-a-days folks define it as the 'scientifically accurate') fulcrum around which all of Creation pivots, all the stars and planets wheel. Without this Center, you were off-center, a psuedo-circle, a false God, or worse, Gods.

  On New Year's Day, the calendar (whatever your culture or Time of the year) is being celestially re calibrated. Where's the new Center?

  The Imperial Dragon knows.

  The Chinese court knew how to construct a calendar.

  So did all the other cultures who extend back this far in Time and saw these images in their night sky.

Stonehenge Solstice

Stonehenge Solstice

  Cronos made the 'cut' where Heaven and Earth came together, the genitals of his Dad, the engenderring 'slice-spot-point' of the sky. According to the myth, he jumped out from behind a (megalithic) stone to make the cut.

  The ancient stones and their horizons long marked the pathways of Heaven and helped make clear the celestial labyrinth wheeling above them.

  These 'standing stones' later became the Temples of pagan civilizations, to more carefully monitor, through observation, the Celtic Wheel slowly rotating one more turn in the Sky.

    And Time begins again.

        World without end.


                Blessings to All.


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