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  Week of December 17th - December 23rd,  2010

Lunar Eclipse Winter Solstice

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  On Tuesday evening at 6:38 PM EDT the Sun will cross the celestial threshold into Capricorn, marking the advent of winter. Earlier that same day at 3:12 AM, the Sun and Moon will oppose each other in an eclipse Full Moon at 29 degrees and 21 minutes of Gemini.

Total lunar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse

  First of all, let me say that yes, this is strong stuff, but there are emails out there that suggest that this will be 'the big one', bigger even than 2012. Here's what one had to say. It was forwarded to me and I have no idea of who the author was, but assume it to be typical.

  "2010 is a WHOPPER! And is more the REAL 2012. The alignments of December 21, 2012 are nowhere near the power of December 21, 2010.

  "More and more astrologers say this year is the one. They were 2 years off!!!!!!

  "It will happen at WORLD POINT 0 degrees Cancer, and have an effect the world over, it will also conjunct Hades.


  So far, so good, except that this last line seems to leave the impression that since the eclipse is SMACK DAB on the Solstice, the resulting prophecy may hit 'SMACK DAB' on the same day.

  Say it ain't so.

  Yes, there are significant events at work in these alignments, and yes, they are probably related to the changes that we will be witnessing over the course of the next few years, but no, I do not think they will be 'bigger' than 2012. More declarations follow:

  "All the astrologers say..."

  I'm an astrologer. I don't say it.

Masks the Moon may wear

The Moon,
wearing one of Her many masks

  "There are astrologers desperate to find stunning alignments in 2012, but cant (sic). All the whoppers are in 2010."

  I'm not desparate. I found the alignment and it's a whopper. Years ago.


  "As I have said before, from the astrological/astronomical point of view there really is nothing particularly notable about the much talked about 2012 date."

  And that's where I have to draw the line. I've only been talking about it for the last twenty-five years. It's only the most powerful heavenly indicator that I've come across so far, which is why I've been blowing the whistle on it all this time.

  In the normal course of things, whoever wrote this email would be right. Using general astrological vocabulary, there is not much to indicate that the Winter Solstice of 2012 should be significant. One doesn't use planets and aspects the way one normally does in reading charts to see this. For instance, there's not the Cardinal T-Cross of outer planets that we experienced earlier this summer, nor any major Neptunian or Plutonian alignments in 2012.

  So what gives?

Mayan World Tree

Mayan World Tree

  Folks are keying into the Mayan date, but they are not seeing any familiar celestial indicators would suggest this to be a powerful combination with potentially Earth-shaking consequences. Trusting to celestial mechanics and failing to find anything, they latch onto whatever comes close and attempt to leverage it into place. The Galactic Center, they say, is close (two degrees) to the Winter Solstice. That must be what the Mayans were talking about. This must be the celestial spark behind the prophecy, the essential clue that we've been 'missing' (according to the author) for all these years.

  I propose a mathematically simpler solution. I agree that the cardinal points are the 'hot spots' of Creation. The cardinal directions are what Native Americans turn to and honor with prayer at the start of their ceremonies. They've got it right. As the stars cross the cardinal angles of heaven, their powers are discharged onto the Earth. The WEB's following of the Vernal Equinox over the years is one of the four cardinal angles of the compass (N, S, E & W), in this case hearlding Spring. The Mayans are using the Winter Solstice as their marker.

  In lay terms, the rate of motion we're working with is precessional. Two degrees doesn't sound like much, but it translates in real time to 144 years. Precessional speed moves at the rate of (about) a degree every 72 years; times two equals 144 years. I'm sorry, but astrology is far more precise than that. At least, that's always been my experience.

  If we look to the Vernal Equinox, it, too, is triggering an important heavenly component, in the same manner that the Winter Solstice supposedly is, but one that is far closer to the mark and does draw down the kind of power the Mayan calendar would seem to suggest. Spring will parallel Omega Piscium on February 11, 2013, a little over seven weeks (53 days) from the Winter Solstice of 2012. Remember that we're dealing here with a 25,765-year [9,360,120 Julian day] cycle here.

Solstice aspectarian

Solstice aspectarian

  Would you turn to a rationale that has to look two years away to find it's solution, a solution whose self-proposed answer is still maturing to an event one hundred and forty-four years in our future?

  Or, would you support a hypothesis that is within 1/176606th (53 days out of a total of 9,360,120 days) of what the Mayans say it should be? In real time that's six weeks vs. 144 years. That has been the nature of my research and theme of these columns since the '80s. I see power there and have been tracking it and sharing it with you for years.

  Now, there are two other important matters left to look at. First, what will actually happen on the Winter Solstice 2010 and 2012?

  First, 2012. When Hernando Cortez landed on the beach on One Reed (a dating system of the Mayan calendar), he was fulfilling a prophecy. The Aztecs knew that Quetzacoatl would return on One Reed to take back his empire. They believed Cortez to be Quetzacoatl. While their empire did not fall on that day, the seed that was planted took root and transformed prophecy into reality.

  My personal feeling is that there is not going to be a great media event such as a natural disaster (other than the public responding to the shift in various ways around the globe to welcome it in) as the Winter Solstice of 2012 reveals its secrets, but that it will play out in the years that follow. One legend of the end-times speaks of a three-and-a-half year 'window' being hinged onto the entry date. The old hierarchy may limp along for a while yet, but their time is growing short.

  Second. What are we likely to witness on the Solstice this year?

  Look at the sequencing. The Full Moon is at 29 plus degrees of Gemini, the final degree, and THEN the Solstice occurs some fifteen hours later. There is no reason to change the order here. The Solstice represents the New Year, the new cycle, that is the year ahead. The Full Moon is happening before the New Year starts, before the Sun slips into Capricorn. The eclipse is going to impact some part of the end-game scenario. Look for a break, rupture or tear in the system. Also, eclipses are notorious for not happening on the day they occur. Lunar eclipses (this one) happen sometime during the month (Moon) following the eclipse, while Solar eclipses happen sometime during the course of the year (Sun) following the eclipse. Given this information, we can expect its impact to be felt sometime through the final week of December or through the balance of January 2011.

  Since the Full Moon is in the last degree of Gemini, it could represent a tear in the communicational fabric, with the huge WikiLeaks expose on the banks for instance. As Time brings to light the memos recording what has been said and done behind our backs in the name of profit over all these years, the sense of moral outrage will begin to grow. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Latin Lord of the Merchant. As the delivery boy, he is about to spill his mail-sack all over the floor where the notes can finally come to the light of day.

  Will the New Age begin on the Solstice, 2010?


  Will some significant portion of the passing epoch illustrate a crumbling of one of its more illustrious pillars through the course of January?

  You bet.

  In the meantime they may have to pass in all the scribblings they've been secretly writing to each other in class.

  Teacher's not going to be happy when she reads those notes.


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