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  Week of December 10th - December 16th,  2010

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  A quick glance at the aspectarian this week reveals an unusual configuration Monday evening. Mercury, Mars and Pluto are all conjuncting each other within 22 minutes. Conjunctions are when planets align in the heavens and are considered among the most powerful of all the aspects. It's not unusual to have two planets conjunct each other, but to have three, and in such a tight time configuration is serious stuff indeed.

Triple conjunction

Triple Capricorn Conjunction

  The good news is that this conjunction is receiving a favorable nod from Venus in Scorpio. This is a time to focus our professional and financial efforts and move them forward. It can be a whole new beginning. The conjunction is in Capricorn, which means we're starting out on new, long-term career efforts, affecting our jobs, our time-tables and the necessities of life.

  It's also what's going on at the governmental level. On the political stage, the President has just made a tax cut deal with the Republicans. The whole balance of executive and legislative power is shifting, and shifting in a Capricornian (conservative) direction. These planetary position are young. They have a long way to go before they exhaust themselves.

  This is how we see these circumstances being evoked around us on the political stage, but if you have planets in your chart at 4 degrees (where this alignment is taking place), you will be dealing with it in a very personal way.

  Conjunctions suggest that the choice is up to us. It's our decision to move forward in life or not. Because the conjunction is in Capricorn, these new directions are going to take time, and it won't be easy. Steady as she goes is the suggested pace.

  Although this alignment is exact Monday evening, there are actually three 'waves' of the energy, as it is being 'triggered' throughout the course of the week.

Obama talking to the press

Obama speaking to the press

  Mercury is part of this configuration and goes retrograde Friday (18th) morning. This generally sends up our nervous system on buzz anyway. News comes through and we work to accommodate it.

  Naturally, there's the alignment itself Monday evening, but I suspect some of the power will come through earlier in the day, as the Sun parallels Mercury.

  On Tuesday, around noon East Coast Time, the Moon will come through and reflect on what this has meant to us. The Moon generally represents our moods, and with the Moon in Aries we feel as though we want to get up and do something about it.

  What we are seeing is the Weave of the Web. The line up is actually Monday, but the act plays itself out over the course of each of these days. It's time to take responsibility and do what needs to be done. The changes we're having to deal with individually are also being dealt with on the national and international levels.

  Mars is thought to be in its exaltation in Capricorn. If we take responsibility for what need to be done, if we show initiative and spunk, then the job before us can be handled. The danger in this aspect is that it is so strong and cuts so deep. Neither the conjunction nor the alignment from Venus bode any ill-will, but the energy is so raw that we may say something that's really true, and then later wish that we hadn't put it in quite that fashion.


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