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  Week of December 3rd - December 9th,  2010


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  The Moon whispers to Venus in Scorpio as pen is plied to paper. It's time to lift the skirts, and take a stolen peak at what's happening behind the scenes before we're discovered.



  Let's begin with the big picture, shall we? We're leaving the Age of Pisces behind and headed for Aquarius. As we emerge from Pisces, it's as though we're waking from a coma or coming in from out of a fog. Pisces is sleep and the subliminal. It's the daydream we slip into while we're out fishing. During this mystical time, much of life's essence happens on another level, as though we were sleeping. We're there, but we're not there. Under the influence of Pisces, we often don't know or can't understand why things are the way they are. We feel isolated and alone, lost in a Sea of Sadness.

  But all that is changing. We are headed into Aquarius, which means that the Aquarian vibe is getting stronger just as Pisces is growing weaker. We're watching the strength being drained from the system in all kinds of ways. The institution, status quo or conservative conditions are beginning to crumble in various forums all around us. If you put your faith in that which is disappearing, you're going to be sorely disappointed. If you put your focus on what is going to increase or improve in the coming years, you're going to be a much happier camper.

  Aquarius is a sign of knowledge and information. It is electricity and all that it powers. It's science, the stars, astronomy, astrology and your public library.

Computing in the '70s

Seventies digital technology

  In the early 70s, digital technology began to make its appearance in the new wrist watches that could add, subtract, multiply and divide, all for under $300. By the late 70s, the first home computers were being made available to the public.

  How many media can you now hold in the palm of your hand?

  And they're cheaper!

  More return, for less!

  This is what we mean when we say 'in-coming'. The vibe is only going to get stronger, and it speaks of a time when knowledge and information will come to surplant faith and belief as the foundation stones of contemporary culture.

  As time marches on, the ability to harness the media will become increasingly difficult, as the Aquarian currents begin to sweep our shores, and freedom and liberty become increasingly important. The general public is getting ready to find out a cavalcade of information about what has been going on 'in our name' for many decades, and folks are not going to like it one little bit, no, sir.

US Saturn Return

US Saturn Return
December 3, 2010

  WikiLeaks is but one of many of the information highways Aquarius is opening up for us. It is distributing information, for free, so that we all can share it. When this media is controlled, when it is manipulated, governments are much more able to tow the party line and keep their eye on thee prize. This cohesive, behind the scenes power is beginning to crumble. As Aquarius comes on-line, it will be our job to educate the people, in other words, to educate each other, about what the story really is.

  On the national level, Saturn is setting off the US Sun/Saturn square.

  On the national level, Saturn is setting off the US Sun/Saturn square. This is the US's Saturn return. For some time to come, we are likely to see the 'sausage factory' of US politics. All the gnarly bits are getting ready to come to the surface, and for the moment, WikiLeaks is their chariot.

  But there will be others.

   It is written.


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